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Steve Dinan

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz talk with Steve Dinan. Dinan is the premier performance supplier of upgrades for your BMW (and Mini for that matter). We take a look at his Dinan modified M3 that puts down 527hp, without a blower! We take some calls and preach the fuel economy gospel and help a quench the thirst of an over carb’ed engine. Then the Aceman and Ganz take it on the road for a call to the brass at Ford, specifically John Felice General Manager, Ford Lincoln Mercury Marketing. And that’s it for this week on CarCast.

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Video of the Dinan M3

Video of the Drive along with John Felice of Ford

34 Responses to “Steve Dinan”

  1. phil says:

    yayyy steve dinan i love you guys!!!

  2. Roux says:

    Long time listener from London, UK. Love Carcast and the main Podcast – Carolla is such a talented host. Thanks for being free!

  3. Brian Cavanaugh says:

    Who’s got the keys to my bimma!

  4. Can’t wait to see the video. Thank’s adam

  5. Lucas says:

    I fuckin’ love these ‘casts! Adam asks all the questions I’d love to ask these guys. He’s got a great perceptive. Very in-tune with the enthusiast.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I have a question for you guys but dont know how to call in. Looking for a new / used car. I drove a 2008 caddy STS-V that is still considered new because it hasnt been titled (nice because I could still use my GM card and get 2K off) It has 4K miles on it and they want 44K. I am sure they will go much lower to get rid of it. 469HP but pretty crappy mileage from everything I have read. (to be expected with 469hp) If you wanted to spend 30K and wanted best bang for the buck performance what would you guys buy? I am a GM guy so love the looks of the CTS and STS. I know you guys are BMW guys. What do you suggest?

    • CarCast says:

      30k for a used car you can have a lot of really cool stuff, from GM have to be lined up with the Cadillac, or a Diesel Pickup ;). BMW’s are nice but not too much to my like due to the style, but the M3′s are still nice and didn’t get the hack job like the other models. Audi’s are good looking too, but you have to do some research on the trouble spots (as on any car you want), Infinity has some nice cars G35, M35, Acura TL, stuff like that. In your range and this market start making some car dealers work for the money, drive each one and you will find one that just clicks


  7. Alex says:

    Can the audio files in iTunes or on the CarCast site (or both) be split apart for each segment of the show? I hate having to skip around looking for where the guest car segment ends, because I plan on watching the video for that later. Plus, this will give you more places to stick in some promos :-)

    • CarCast says:

      We may be able to do chapters, I’ll see if it’s possible. We will not be splitting the files, not possible to do as a podcast that way, but the chapter idea might be easy and work.

      If you see it in the next podcast you will know we can do it :)


  8. Kr0ss says:


    The audio from iTunes can be broken into chapters but I’m not sure how much extra work that would require on the show’s part.

    • CarCast says:

      That might be something that can be done (chapters) I’ll ask the Weez if that is something doable. And Video… Well the Ford drive along part is up, Donny is working on a lot of stuff for the Live show this weekend (It’s big) and hopefully may have the M3 video for upload tomorrow. Some weeks are worse then others, this is one…


  9. Mike says:

    Very cool video interview with the Ford guy. As a mustang fan the talk about the 2011 GT500 was awesome. I noticed Adam said something like ‘supercharged and tons of power’ at one point and Mr. Felice didn’t confirm that and sort of answered strangely like ‘-hesitate- … yeah, tons of power’. Are they going to turbo the ’11 GT500?? I had been thinking it will just have more displacement, and a bigger blower.

    • CarCast says:

      I think the GT500 is supercharged, but I pretty much gloss over anything with the $helby name… Given the NA version is making in the 400′s add the Supercharger and I’m sure it will be keeping up with the rest of the 500hp+ pack. I’m more excited about the Super Duty Diesel ;)


  10. Kestrell says:

    Hey All,
    Great job with the Carcast! The episode with the turbo diesel talk and the “grow your own” diesel from algae is still my favorite.

    Would love to hear more about upcoming technologies that will offer better mileage, and how the common man can get his hands on these.


    • CarCast says:

      Maybe we should have Gale Banks back on again? He was all over that and he is a really smart player in the Diesel field. Possibly a field shoot down at Banks Engineering would be a good follow up too!


  11. jim says:

    Is that orange peel I see above the Dinan emblem?

  12. spud says:

    hey sandy i want to put some upgrades on my 05 titan and have about a grand im going to put a cool air intake what else would you suggest

  13. LloydChiro says:

    Really enjoyed the show, especially with Steve Dinan and the M3. Great sound coming from that car, and it looks like it is begging to be driven. I love the understated mods done to the car. Without being too flamboyant, the rims and the suspension give the car real presence when you see it.

    Can we get Ruf on next?

    • CarCast says:

      Yes, one of the nice things about the Dinan M3 was that it was not a shit box of parts glued on to the car. It was very tasteful and understated which I like. And it did sound good, cars with high compression have a different zing then blown or turbo cars, sounded nice at the pipes!

      Sure, have a contact for Ruf :)


  14. Foster says:

    Where the fuck is Donnie’s mustache?!?!?

  15. Jerkberg says:

    In the second video, at 13:50, the guy on the phone says “made… right here” was he in Dearborn, MI or Hermosillo, Mexico because that’s where the Fusion is built.

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