Adam’s BMW M3 E46


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Adam’s BMW M3 E46

Adam finally brings out his supercharged M3 E46. He and OSH (Racemarque Systems) take you for a quick tour of the car.

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41 Responses to “Adam’s BMW M3 E46”

  1. mark says:

    can’t wait for the video. keep up the bimmer touting!

    • Keith says:

      LOL! “Can’t wait for the video” LOL! Who do you think you are dealing with here? 10 days later and you are still waiting for the video, and it will NEVER come because the people Adam is wasting his money on are amateurs.

      Take the most talented entertainer around, have him do a great show on a subject he is knowledgeable about, and loves to talk about, and you end up with a great product…. if you don’t let a bunch of fucking monkeys screw it up. That is the situation we have here… monkeys throwing shit on a Da Vinci.


      • CarCast says:

        Thanks for the nice comments Keith, now feel free to get the F’ out of here and bother some other people. No reason for cry baby’s like you to be here. So hit the road.


        • Jason From CA says:

          hahaha I love it! Ganz,! Nice job. I don’t see a problem with someone giving their opinion even if it’s negative(in fact I’ve done it before and you actually were cool about it) but this guy was just an immature moron who was throwing the equivalent of an adult temper tantrum. I can understand your frustration but c’mon that was just lame.

  2. James M. says:

    Been waiting for this one! Please post it as soon as you can. I’m Listening to to Carcast on iTunes but it is inadequate.

  3. e46mbimmer says:


    You need a Stage 4 “HPF” turbo e46 M3. It would smoke that thing. You always say your a turbo guy.

    • James M. says:

      Horse power freaks is awsome, but come on, the car has 333 horsepower when it’s stock!! How much Goddamn power do you really need? It’s about the speed you can carry through the corner anyway. Lateral Gs.

  4. Javier S says:

    awesome, I have a E46 as well, although I wouldnt upgrade it, aside that I dont have the funds its a 3.2 putting out 333HP
    Perfect engine, if you notice alot of great engines and their output correlate with each other the S66 which is in the E60 M5 misc Ferraris and Lambos etc etc, Porsches as well,

  5. FASTER345 says:

    Yeah that Osh is a bit of a douche. Upgrading a regular bimmer I can dig, but keep M-cars stock baby, the guys at BMW Motorsport know what they’re doing. It’s not just power, it’s about balance. Cheers.

  6. LochBox says:

    Please – If you’ve got the cash and the car – do what you want with it.

  7. Jim C. says:

    For F sake, get the video up!!!!!!!

  8. nater says:

    When did Ace get the second set of eyes installed as they seem to still be sensitive to light, and why is uncle Fester taking apart his BMW?

  9. Jason From CA says:

    Screw milk…Got video?

  10. Steve from Sac town says:

    Donny, where’s the video, it’s been a week now!!!

  11. Charles says:

    This show needs more Ray. Adam think of something to include Ray in the next Podcast.

  12. Steve from Sac town says:

    So am I still waiting for Donny too stop inhaling??? Video man come on!! LETS GET IT ON!!!!

  13. Bill W says:

    That is a f’in sweet car.

  14. MikeRs2 says:

    I’ll never get back the 5 mins I wasted watching this…..its an older Jeff Spicoli & Kojak .

    Adam Carolla…really ? kinda whiney & too nasily for a car show imho…but thats just me.

    • Irwin M. Fletcher says:

      Yep… it’s JUST you, so… GTFO. :)

      Ganz, keep up the awesome work. And please take it as a compliment that so many of the ‘casters are drooling to see the videos ASAP.

      So, Sandy, are there any plans to make CarCast a video podcast? That would DEFINITELY be the male orgasm heard ’round the world.


  15. phil says:

    ahem, the guy doesn’t even know what model car he’s got! “E36″ lol, now thats kinda gay!

    osh, loved you in airwolf.

    • Troy says:

      Was he drinking that day? As much as I love the show I caught a lot of shit from my BMW forum for supporting Adam!
      That is not a 2000 e36 it’s a 2001 e46! Also that FI setup is shit compared to what else is out there! I am a huge m3 fan and was very disapointed by this one. I know you can’t correct Adam on camera but I think he lost a lot of credibility on this one with the hard core bimmer enthusiast! Still love and support the podcast just a little let down by this one!

      • mark says:

        that’s what happened when he did the e30 m3, I’m an e30 man myself and the folks on bimmerforums were pissed.

        • CarCast says:

          I don’t know much of the e30 story other then it was going to be supercharged, was here in the shop for a while, then at some point was put back to stock (a good thing).


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