Hollywood Hot Rods


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Hollywood Hot Rods

Adam and Sandy head out to Hollywood Hot Rods and meet up with owner Troy Ladd. They check out some of his shop and his cars. We also take a look at a new project using the new Ford 5.0 Coyote motors. We pop back to work on The Ripper and do some cutting for the new radiator. Then a look at a ‘Back to the Future’ car from the TMPCC car show. Enjoy!

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Special thanks to ‘Motorator’ Matt for Pictures of Hollywood Hot Rods


The Ripper Radiator Project

Hollywood Hot Rods

TMPCC Car Show

34 Responses to “Hollywood Hot Rods”

  1. Andrew Preston says:

    Hey, Weez.

    I have a stupid technical request to make. Apparently the CarCast mp3 is posted with a Variable Bit Rate. This causes problems on some devices I’ve used. The Adam Carolla Podcast, on the other hand, appears to be posted with a fixed Bit Rate. That works fine.

    Would it be possible to change the CarCast to a Constant Bit Rate, the same way that the ACP is?

    Otherwise, I’m converting it myself every week :)

    Thanks, man. Keep up all the great work!

  2. Ian says:

    NPR’s cartalk would never make a Jizzing on a mustache joke, that’s why I love carcast. Great job guys, Big fan ganz.

    • CarCast says:

      Thanks, and always fun not to be censored in any way with Adam, he is genius when it comes to funny stuff like that. As Huel Houser would say “Amazing…’


  3. Christopher says:

    Haven’t listened yet but I hope Troy Ladd was less of a douche to you this time around Sandy.

    • Dave says:

      Sandy is a big boy Christopher, if he is going to make some silly cheese comment he should get called out on it. I thought the whole thing was hysterical.

  4. CN says:

    Cool.. I work 1 block from Hollywood Hotrods.

  5. jd hog says:

    could have used a few more pics on hollywood hot rod visit, felt like i was missing out on half the interview. hope to see more when u post the video.other than that you guys are the shit. love listening to carcast sat mornings while i wrench on all my toys !glad your back ace man.sorry if that sound dicky,just puttin in my 2 cents! thanks guys

  6. Dave says:

    Troy is a great guy to be around..once you know him, you’ll get to know his humour… great podcast.. looking forward to the raybestes truck build..

  7. Joe D says:

    Hey Fellas-

    Love the CarCast & have an iTunes question/suggestion for you. The video component of the car cast is such an integral part of the content (car guys are visual). Have you considered supplying a video format podcast, for subscription on iTunes?

    Many other podcasts offer audio-only and video (some HD) episodes through iTunes subscription.

    Thank you for the great content & keep up the good work-


    • CarCast says:

      Joe –

      We have thought of having a video podcast, but we would always be late ;) It’s time consuming enough just to get the videos up right now, but at some point we will as I also think this is show that really needs videos.


      • JOEL says:

        another nice and easy option would be making the podcast an “enhanced podcast”. So when you are talking about a particular car and Adam inevitably says, “for those just listening, what are we looking at?” you could have the podcast wallpaper showing the actual car or point of interest.

        here is an article about how to make enhanced podcasts.

        • CarCast says:

          We know how to make them, it is just time consuming to do another work flow, then set it up since some we will need both feeds since some people can’t use the the enhanced feed. We do have some new resources coming in to help out and that will potentially open things up to do that enhanced feed and post videos quicker.


          • Kevin says:

            I recall last year having a few enhanced podcasts of Adam Carolla Podcast pop up, unexpectedly. I was pleasantly surprised to see pics pop up on my ipod while listening. It does add a lot to the program. Please consider.

  8. Jeremy Bushur says:

    Awesome show guys. Sandy I think I heard you are the IT guy for the show. Not sure if you guys ever buy any IT hardware or software for the show but I sell all computer equipment. (used to work for CDW and now work for a company called GHA Technologies.) Shoot me an email if you guys ever need anything – jbushur@gha-associates.com

    You guys should have a link for listeners cars. Always kind of cool to see different cars

    my money pit


    • CarCast says:

      Jeremy –

      Thanks for the comments, and nice 67′ at some point I would like to get a 69′ Camaro in the garage, but I’ll have to finish a crap load of other projects. Just started the “Boil over” section for odd car photos, but I was thinking of that, adding listener cars that people send in and I post.


  9. cleveland steamer says:

    WOW…what an awesome shop! Being a fellow car guy, I am envious of you guys being able to meet the Troy Ladds and Chip Fooses that make the hot rod industry run. I agree with “JDHOG” comment. I wish you could get some video up on this interview with Troy. I would love to see more of that shop. Great Job Adam – Sandy!

  10. Sullivision says:

    Hey Guys,

    Is there any way you can include the video from the car cast on itunes? I would love to wach it on my itouch at the gym! I feel I’m only getting half the show when I only do the audio. I love the podcast keep up the good work!


    • CarCast says:

      We have talked about an additional stream, but we don’t have the resources to do another mix. It takes us enough time just to squeeze in the videos with our current schedule (it’s not just CarCast on all of our plates these day) to add that to the show right now.


      • TheOtherSteveJobs says:

        Prof G,

        We’re talking about just putting the motorator video above into a video podcast.. not remixing/re-editing it – just a Video Podcast of the videos that you’re sending to Motorator. Recompressing the file is drop-dead easy.. QuickTime Player 7 has an Export for iPhone setting – set it, and forget it. Done.

        A while ago, i screen captured a few of the older episodes for myself so i could watch them on the airplane on my iPhone…. its pretty straight forward…

        Hell, if you want – i will do if for you if you guys are too busy – Just email me.. i do tons of video work, so it would be no problemo for me if you guys need the help.

        I don’t need any pub or money or anything.. i don’t give a shit about getting attention for myself.

        But i do know this… Carcast just _needs_ to be seen..

        Thank you SO much guys – you and donny and adam kick ass.

        • CarCast says:

          Ok, that is different then the video-podcast that we really want to do. I think we will have a couple of solutions for this, will talk with the Motorator folks as they have something they want to do, will also shortly will have them up on youTube so one way or the other will be something that you can watch on the iPhone.


  11. Camaro Jim says:

    Diggin this shop tour. I am more of a muscle car guy, but I am always impressed with the craftsmanship that goes into other types of cars… like that hidden EFI & brakes & stuff! Damn! Want to see more on that “Coyotee” engine, read some about it in Hot Rod magazine.
    Gotta say mixin cars, tech, a couple of wise crackin guys, and Adam fueling the fire makes for good entertainment. Keep it up.

  12. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What a great show! I really like the traditional style used at Hollywood Hot Rods. I think it’s awesome how they keep the traditional style and can still use modern components. I can’t wait to see what they come up with using the “Coyote” engine. Based on the components hidden in Troy’s roadster it will be awesome!
    I’m really glad the video was added, it makes so much more of a difference to be able to actually see the craftsmanship being talked about.

    Keep up the good work Adam and Hollywood Hot Rods.

    • CarCast says:

      We will have more of Hollywood Hot Rods and Troy’s work, he is a rock throw away and makes it easy to jump over for work in progress.



  13. Roman says:

    Looks like some great stuff. Real innovative minds working in that shop.

    Keep it up HHR!

  14. TV DAD says:

    Hey Guys; Great shows. Carcast and Ace’s show. HOT STUFF. Anyway, a couple of Carcasts ago you were riffing on tools. Snap-on, Craftsmant, etc. and trying to find a Phillips over a Flathead screwdriver. The butt end on my Craftsman drivers are different, the Phillips have a different molding than the Flatheads. Check it out with Snap-on and the rest. There might be a subtle difference between the Phillips and the Flathead.
    Keep up the great work and the shiny side up and the dirty side down.


    • CarCast says:

      They are, on my poor man’s Craftsman’s at the shop the Phillips are not red striped (clear head) and I can’t remember what the old black professional Craftsman have but I’m sure they have some marker. It’s usually more like I just haven’t stocked up my CarCast tool box yet. Need that tool sponsor to back the truck up and load us up ;)

      Thanks for the comments!!


      • TV DAD says:

        Hey Prof.
        I check my Craftsman tools when I got home last night; indeed the Phillips have a flat butt end and the Flat Heads have a rounded knob on the butt end. For all the Ray Charles wrenchers out there. :)
        See ya from the East Coast.

  15. Dave says:

    The Hollywood Hot Rods interview with Troy Ladd was excellent. That kid is an amazing talent, no wonder he was builder of the year at the GNRS show. I hope you guys keep us posted on what’s going on at his shop. Good job guys!

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