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Tanner Foust

Adam and Sandy have a special guest this week, Tanner Foust. We talk about the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix, then pump Tanner for some inside information on the movie Red Dawn (re-make) the he is doing some stunt driving in, Then we check out his awesome Mulholland drift video. Top Gear makes it into the conversation, and Adam’s fun drive to Pahrump Nevada. Enjoy!

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31 Responses to “Tanner Foust”

  1. Edwin says:

    Wow great episode guys, love everything tanner does, sandy u should have him show his rides next time around

  2. Sweet, I haven’t listened yet. I wonder if they talk about Top Gear. By the way is there still a chance of Adam hosting Top Gear on the history channel? I sent an email to them(as per Sandy’s Tweet) encouraging them to have Adam as a host via their “contact us” link at: http://bit.ly/AceTopGear

  3. Tankfist says:

    You guys are doing God’s work…. keep it up!

    You guys should really take apart and sell pieces of Donny’s Bronco. If you do that, you need to get Donny to sign all of them. I’d buy one.

  4. Stacy says:

    Can’t wait to listen. Live in Las Vegas and met Tanner at the Driver’s Edge Progam!

  5. Erle says:

    Great show

    but could you make any Videos they mention in the show easier to find?

  6. AGE says:

    great podcast, but 2500hp!?
    thats so silly its awesome
    and tanner just rocks

  7. Nick says:


    I am torn, I want you to get your NBC pilot and wish you the best in that, but I REALLY want to see you on Top Gear.

    Cool podcast with Tanner, and thanks for sharing the behind the scenes stories.

    Is it true that Dave Dameshek could be a host of the show? I’d love to hear him say “GTO” a couple dozen times.

  8. Beefo says:

    Great episode guys! Can’t wait for the new Top Gear USA.

  9. donnysdumb says:

    Donny-seriously are you retarded? Uh, I gotta message for you Adam. WTF? Nobody knows what you are talking about. Your such a hack. I think you just try to get on podcasts by contributing random shit.

    • Jason says:

      Donnysdumb you are a very special person. You are so special that even special ED classes are not special enough for you. I know you are jealous that Donny gets to hang with Adam, but you need to get a life and quit heckling him.

  10. Greg Birch says:

    Isn’t it obvious? you three are the perfect trio for Top Gear. All gear heads, love to drive, work, be around automobiles. Do networks need to be wacked with a bat to clue into what’s in front of their face? it would be perfect.

    Rock on!


  11. Charlie says:

    Get it on! I can’t wait to listen to this one. I’m a huge fan of Tanner Foust. I chatted with him back at the first GT Live event at California Speedway in Fontana, maybe 2004? He was super cool and easy going, and answered all my lame-o questions. Keep up the good work.


  12. Great podcast! I listened to it twice, very funny. Still laughing about the “mad max” dude with the knife.

  13. Daniel F. says:

    Dear God Ganz, THANK YOU for pointing out that nitrous is not flammable. I’ve been screaming this to the heavens since that idiot green fireball Eclipse explosion in the first Fast and Furious dirge. Whew, anyway, awesome show guys. Tanner Foust seems like a great guy and that Death Valley tale is always fantastic.

    Daniel F.

    • CarCast says:

      Yeah, the magic of bad movie’s kinda’ like ’800 Turbo Horsepower’ from another movie muff… Might have a come back with that one ;)


  14. Nate says:

    Thanks for doing these podcasts. I know its a ton of work. I am purchasing a 06 Maserati coupe. First sports car, thanks for inspiration.

  15. James Royer says:

    Great show! The carcast is the greatest thing since the the adam carolla podcast, you guys are doing a fantastic job and KEEP IT UP. Looking foward to the grand prix and we will be having a dock party on Sunday if any Ace fans are interested. Our boat is also avlb for charter fri sat and sunday if anyone is interested. Just keep gettin it on, thats all that matters.


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