Bobby Rahal

Bobby Rahal

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz meet up with racing legend Bobby Rahal and business partner Peter Stoneberg of Legends of Motorsports. The Legends of Motorsports is a new vintage racing series and discuss what makes that era of racing great. Then we pop out to take a look at two cars that Bobby and Peter hauled in for us, and yes we fire them both up so you can hear both old school and new school. Enjoy!

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Quick Link to McLaren M6B and Lotus Evora Guest Car

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The Long Anticipated McLaren Video

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18 Responses to “Bobby Rahal”

  1. Bryan says:

    By the way that evora’s engine is a toyota camry engine.

  2. AceFan says:

    Again with the Audio. I really wanted to hear this one.

  3. john says:

    Great show!!!

  4. Dustin MacDougall says:

    Great show guys, very cool hearing about the old SCCA racing days and LeMans. Please keep promoting ANY racing that’s not NASCAR! Nothing against the sport itself, just way too much media coverage for my tastes, lots of other high quality competition out there that deserves more airtime.

    So hey, only one comment / question, for Ace in particular: On many an occasion you have railed against guys with loud V-twin bikes, yet you gleefully fire up an unmuffled smallblock chevy in an industrial park… Okay okay okay, I know you’re not running it up and down a residential street, but still. Kinda seems like it’s okay for those in the rarefied tax bracket who can afford vintage race cars to irritate their neighbors, but not the average home mechanic who likes his Harley? Hmmmm… The visceral response to mechanical noise is about the same, no matter the source.

    Just a curious observation, that’s all. I take no sides in this debate, having both a Harley and a track-prepped GSXR. To be honest, I’ve got more complaints about my Powerstroke Diesel than anything!

    Cheers guys, keep up the good work.

    • CarCast says:

      Dustin –

      Here’s the my take on the ‘attention getter’ V-Twin guys, if they just fired it up for, let’s say 30 seconds in an industrial complex I would run over to check it out with a smile on my face, but when these dudes are cruising all over the place with no baffles at all hours it’s a different story. No one is driving the M6B around town (even though would be cool to do) I like loud noisy stuff too, but a gaggle of Laywer’s on their new shiny V-Twin’s with open pipes rumbling about is not anything that anyone needs to hear at odd hours. Funny thing is I have a Ford 7.3 PSD and I feel bad every time fire it and leave places early or late as it’s loud too, but not anything as loud as a V-Twin. And I know loud pipes saves lives and all that jazz…

      P.S. Hope your not a Lawyer :)

      • Dustin MacDougall says:

        Haha, no lawyer here, run a trucking company. I too keep some pretty bizarre hours that have me pulling out of my garage (same 7.3 diesel) way before any other sane human beings are awake, so I do understand their grief. I hear you on the “weekend warrior / lawyer” bikers, living in Vancouver as I do we have more than our share of those types here. Lots of cash, lots of small wangs to compensate for. I take great pride in the fact that they look at me with disdain… Oh the humanity..! I work on my OWN bikes? How uncivilized..!

        As for the loud pipes thing, well, as a completely unscientific experiment… I’ve had people change lanes into my path as often on my (semi) loud Harley as I have on my whisper-quiet sportbike, so go figure. Not so sure any of that stuff matters to anyone other than the “biker bro-dude” crowd.


  5. Lucas says:

    Rip off! Give us the REAL video!

    ..yeah, yeah, I know. Understaffed. No time. Yadda, yadda…

    • CarCast says:

      Yeah I know, but it one of the few things that I can’t do and out of my hands. I really wanted to show the video of exploding a tire to the rim and the cars, but the Weez is hammered. But, besides being really cool that Bobby Rahal came out, Bobby’s business partner Peter’s son is a fan of the show and may be able to help out with video. So while we have one guy in training, we may have another video editor coming on line to help a bit. I hope it all works out as I know the vids are an important part of the show, will get the Weez out of hot water…


  6. Gr8Scott says:

    The audio portion of the outdoor interview (the section where Bobby and Peter talk about the cars they brought is completely blown out. It was way too hot and it distorted so badly that I can’t replay it on my Ipod. The interview section before that was fine. I hoped to see a video shot of that portion, but alas none appears to exist.

    If the audio can be salvaged and re-posted, please let me know so I can delete the version I have and then re-download it.

    I’m a big fan and I hope to see/hear more in the future.

  7. Gr8Scott says:

    Correction. I can replay it on my Ipod through a direct connection. Something about the audio makes my FM transmitter for the car go nuts and distorts the crap out of it making all of the audio unintelligible.

    My apologies for posting a complaint without testing it out on something else first.

    • CarCast says:

      No problem, it may be a phasing issue on our end, it has got us before where you have the audio pretty much drop out or is very low. Only affect mono playback as I recall. It sounds OK when I run it here so will keep an eye out.


  8. 831Doug says:

    Great podcast!! One of the best yet! I’ve always been a fan of Rahal and followed him from his early days in Can Am all the way up.

    The new Legends series sounds like a blast. . Just need to win the Lotto so I can go vintage racing with a stable of my favorite cars.

  9. Shane says:

    Great show! must have been a buzz seeing and hearing the Mclaren.

    Sound not audible outside the studio, also regular podcast of Adam & Donny on the road, same


  10. LA Pick says:

    Take a look at the “Kenny Brack” picture #4 on page 2 of the gallery – it’s actually a Chip Ganassi car (Zanardi maybe?), not KB.

  11. Kevin says:

    This episode of CarCast is one of your best and it reminds me of a great question that needs to be explored:

    “What are the most terrifying road racing cars of all time?”

    Obviously, all of the best candidates are at least 10 years old, and the McLaren that Rahal brought to your studious should certainly qualify. Here are a few that come to mind:
    McLaren M6B:
    Porsche 917/30:
    Porsche 917K.
    Auto Union Grand Prix cars (pretty much, take your pick):

    … I’m sure you can think of others.

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