Carsten Preisz – Spyker


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Carsten Preisz – Spyker

This weeks show we feature Carsten Preisz VP of Sales and Marketing for Spyker America. Carsten brings in a Spyker C8 Laviolette. We find out more about the history of Spyker and what some of the plans for future cars and SUV’s we can expect to see. We then take a look at the car and hear about some of the features and styling that makes the Spyker a unique hand built automobile. Adam and Sandy then hit some practice sessions over at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race and gab with legendary driver Steve Millen of Stillen racing and finally a chat with Chuck Wade of Toyota to talk about the Scion’s that are being used in the race. Enjoy the show!

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26 Responses to “Carsten Preisz – Spyker”

  1. Doug Fawley says:

    I’m sorry for yelling at you guys the other day. I was gang-raped by a bunch of drunk Samoans. Not an excuse to fly off the handle.

    Having guests like Bobby Rahal make up for any lack of video. Keep up the good work, and, yeah, more video would be appreciated.

  2. Joelus Maximus says:

    Love what Spyker do, you guys need more of these boutique style guests – a true piece of rolling artwork.

  3. Seth Munki says:

    Thanks for showing the detail on the fucking pedal assembly Donny (maybe 3ms?). Great podcat, infuriating details, Adam has told us about living with it, now we’re living with it.

  4. dbcoyle says:

    As a recent Saab convert, I’m very excited that Spyker saved it from the clutches of that retard GM. Now I’m a fan of Spyker and will sing its praises from now on.

  5. scion up says:

    scion is the one car line toyota did not mess up

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