Carsten Preisz – Spyker


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Carsten Preisz – Spyker

This weeks show we feature Carsten Preisz VP of Sales and Marketing for Spyker America. Carsten brings in a Spyker C8 Laviolette. We find out more about the history of Spyker and what some of the plans for future cars and SUV’s we can expect to see. We then take a look at the car and hear about some of the features and styling that makes the Spyker a unique hand built automobile. Adam and Sandy then hit some practice sessions over at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race and gab with legendary driver Steve Millen of Stillen racing and finally a chat with Chuck Wade of Toyota to talk about the Scion’s that are being used in the race. Enjoy the show!

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26 Responses to “Carsten Preisz – Spyker”

  1. walkingman says:

    that was an epic car cast and such a treat to be exposed to the Spyker. The video is going to be fun

  2. Arch_Stanton says:

    My first reaction was “eewwwww”. It looks like some kind of War of the Worlds machine with that roof scoop. But – as I progressed through each picture, it grew on me more and more. The front suspension with the hood up looks great. I still think the appearances would be improved if the roof intake was wide and short like some kind of reverse cowl induction. I’m sure it’s been designed the way it was for peak performance. In this case I don’t think form followed function.

    • B-dub says:

      I totally agree. Form didn’t follow function a lot here. Or rather there were so many competing ideas that they don’t seem to all come together as one statement. Fit and finish on this car are amazing, i.e. the aluminum piece that is half on the body and half in the door. Getting those to line up perfectly must’ve been tough. Actually, what is funny about this car is that it makes me appreciate all the work that goes into the cars of major manufacturers. Fit and finish is a lot better in those cars. Albeit, in plastic, but it’s not hard to believe for $250K that you could “upgrade” an M3 and have a better car than the Spyker. IMHO.

  3. Jesse says:

    Does anyone know if the Celebrity Grand Prix will be televised? And if so what channel and when?

    • Jesse says:

      ***Correction, I meant what network will it be on

      • Motorator says:

        Yes, the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race will air on SPEED about two weeks after the race this weekend. It will be a 30 minute show, with clips from the race and some celebrity interviews. I’ll be sure to post the info in Motorator’s blog, twitter and facebook fan page once I get the details. I’m sure Sandy will post some information here as well ;)

  4. Mike Britton says:

    This car is beautiful. Totally unique and inspired.

  5. Aristotle says:

    Spyker’s are a beautiful piece of art. If they can get a Saab to look a 1/4 as good and with no GM parts I may actually buy one. I am going to wait till the video to watch this one. Keep up the good work guys. Also, Sandy I love the CarCast but I would like to know a little more about your background.


  6. DanSel says:

    A Spyker has been on my short list of super cars I’d buy if I ever managed to become rich. I love the styling of the interior especially. I know it’s not the fastest, nor the best handling, nor the most technologically advanced, but to me that doesn’t matter. You can’t really wring out a super car on the road anyway. Most of the time it would be comfortable and stylish and lavish to be in and when you wanted to you could scare the shit out of yourself (and a friend). Then you can go home park it in the garage and just look at it for ten minutes. That’s what it’s all about. Plus, most people won’t know what it is, and you’re not just another asshole in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. The only thing I will say is that steering wheel is unfortunate when compared with the rest of the car/interior, otherwise it’s beautiful.

    • CarCast says:

      Yeah, the car is really well made, no crazy electronics, simple in many respects, but really well trimmed and nicely featured. The interior is stuffing, no cheep crap anywhere inside of the car, all metal, leather, and solid. I am very interested in seeing the new Aileron when it comes out to L.A. The steering wheel might be an easy fix, but all in all a really unique package. I still need that Lotus Cortina Mk1 first ;)


  7. Jayson lepper says:

    I’m with you Ganz, dont like it. Looks like a kit car (60′s Jaguar front and 80′s Vette rear), the interior is beyond amazing however, but for that money, I’d take anything from the Italian stables and Aston anyday, I couldnt care less about being unique, I want quality and a well thought out design. My vote for ugliest car of 2010.

  8. Shane says:

    I was thinking this car was well made but looked shit… until Donny’s photo (image 24) side view of the car won me over.
    Great Carcast Donny, Sandy & Ace!!!

  9. Jason says:

    Donny can take photo 24 and all the rest and dump them. No one said rich people have taste. Flash Gordon called…

  10. Dave says:

    I don’t know if I would want to buy a car just for looks alone. Spyker gets beat by a regular 911 and if I am paying 250,000 I want it to be able to beat a regular 911. Let’s get a move on the video already. You guys really need to work on putting up the videos if you want the site to grow.

  11. Dave says:


    What’s up with Adam’s weight estimates on cars? Every time the subject of curb weight comes up he’s about 1000lb off. Maybe you could do a segment on an upcoming carcast where you and Donnie sit him down for a talk on the subject – call it “curb weight intervention” – Dr. Drew could even join in the mix – ha!

  12. Tony says:

    Is the video coming soon for this and the Bodie podcast?

  13. Doug Fawley says:

    Yeah. VIDEO. No offense, guys, but WTF with the delay in the video? You can buy $200 handheld point-and-shoots that shoot hi-def video? Given the nature of the podcast, video is very important, and given how easy it is to do these days, there really is no excuse. Hell, it takes just as long, almost, to edit the audio, so, pay some homeless guy some minimum wage and get the video out there on a timely basis. Please?

  14. hughJ says:

    The car looks too busy while the actual lines of the body look kind of common and conservative. Like after they were finished designing a typical super car, they started thinking up new pieces to add on to it in order to make it their own – chrome bits here, scoops there, etc. The Zonda’s for example also have a very busy interior and exterior, but the shape of the body is completely unique and equally as busy, so the flourishes feel right at home.

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