Long Beach Celebrity-Pro Race


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Long Beach Celebrity-Pro Race

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz jump into the studio and revisit the Celebrity/Pro race at the Long Beach Grand Prix. They jump on the phone and take calls and oddly answer questions as usual. Enjoy the show!

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Chuck Wade of Toyota Motorsports

17 Responses to “Long Beach Celebrity-Pro Race”

  1. AceofSpades says:

    Was great talking on the phone but man bad audio from you end on phone then I lost you audio feed =(
    Could hardly hear Adam but sandy loud and semi clear!

  2. Ian says:

    Love working in the garage and listening to C.C. they go together great. I also love that fashion doesn’t concern Adam or the the Ganz. (Ganz has half a green collar poking out of a navy blue GM shirt, Adam with his track suit pants and barely wearing a cheap looking Black Winter type hat) Love it!

    • CarCast says:

      I think it’s fair to say that both Adam are I on the leading edge of casual fashion! General Motors Sweatshirt with a Spyker hat (some non-visible Piloti shoes) for me, Nice ;)


  3. nater says:

    Listened to Ace’ s podcast this week where he mentioned the race and the behavior of the podium sitters. Let’s assume it’s true and one exchanged paint on a straightaway, and the another passed on a yellow, WTF is with people in this society having disdain for the rules, and then not being punished for breaking them. As a guy who plays it straight: I grow weary of getting passed by the lawless, and the “What are you gonna do?” attitude of others.

  4. Jim Smith says:

    Wow Adam! You really put the hurt on that little shit box! Looks like you had fun!

  5. Jim Smith says:

    I meant the car…not Sandy :)

  6. Jayson Lepper says:

    Ok so I havnt been able to listen to this ep yet but have looked everywhere to find out where the Aceman actually finished??? 5th/6th/7th????

  7. CarCast says:

    Adam pulled a 6th for the celebs. Sorry for the formatting, it a cut and past


    Pos Class Name Laps Time
    1 Pro Jimmy Vasser 13 27:31.586
    2 Pro Tanner Foust 13 27:32.231
    3 Celebrity Brian Austin Green 13 27:34.563
    4 Pro Marty Nothstein 13 27:34.563
    5 Celebrity Adrien Brody 13 27:37.746
    6 Celebrity Zachary Levi 13 27:37.979
    7 Pro Steve Millen 13 27:38.617
    8 Celebrity Patrick Warburton 13 27:44.142
    9 Celebrity Adam Carolla 13 27:44.225
    10 Auction Dave Pasant 13 27:44.956
    11 Pro Keanu Reeves 13 27:45.651
    12 Celebrity Christian Slater 13 27:46.127
    13 Auction Jerry Westlund 13 27:56.299
    14 Celebrity Tika Sumpter 13 27:57.783
    15 Celebrity Megyn Price 13 27:58.242
    16 Celebrity Jesse McCartney 6 11:10.570
    17 N.H. Chris Ashworth 6 11:24.403
    18 Celebrity Tony Hawk 6 11:24.432
    19 Pro Jamie Bestwick 2 4:07.377

  8. nater says:

    Ok guys, here goes.
    1. No replacement for displacement… except cubic dollars.
    2. Similar displacement torque/HP goes to higher multiples of pistons due to law of inertia. Larger pistons equals more mass equals more inertia. This changes when taking into account disimilar fuels like diesel. Long stroke, massive torque, low RPM.

    Not an authority, but these are pretty basic.

  9. Joshua says:

    Your question about number of cylinders vs torque has 2 answers: Back when engines were simple a block with many cylinders tended to have short piston throws and thus higher rpm limits and the potential for more power but only if the breathing, fuel and ignition was tuned for high RPM. For this reason they tended to make no power and little torque at low RPM. Now that we have complex engines with highly variable valve timing, direct injection, etc… you can tune for low end torque and high RPM power.

  10. Sam says:

    About the torque thing – Ganz is wrong. Typically the fewer cylinders, the more torque. The reason is usually at the same displacement the fewer cylinders means a longer stroke. This gives you a longer lever arm and therefore more torque. Downside is that it becomes harder to make that engine rev because your cylinder speeds becomes the problem.

    • CarCast says:

      I think it is much more complicated then we are talking or thinking. Look at most all production V8 and V12 and look at similar sized engines (6.0L and 5.0L from Mercedes, BMW, Aston) and the V12 will almost always have more torque then the V8 of similar displacement and come in sooner.

      Compression, and other intended design factors seem to make a huge difference more then stroke length. V10’s from Ford, and Dodge in trucks, might be for other reasons like emissions etc but still could have just tossed in a big V8 and they didn’t. (I didn’t look at torque of the v10 vs v8) I think GM still crams a BBC of some generation in trucks but don’t follow them too much.

      I think if you start looking at things that are very different configurations (Harley 1300cc v-twin vs 1300cc Suzuki Haybusa) you might see some numbers but even that I’ll bet not that huge.

      Is this scientific? Hell No, but gut feel and some poking around the web looking at numbers of similar engine (i.e. similar technology compare no Variable Valve timing, etc)

      I wonder if DynoSym can solve this for us! I will have to find my copy and see what the computer thinks.

      All 2 Cents BTW, and I’ll always go for more cylinders then less ;)


  11. nater says:

    This is a neat discussion. That which best burns the 14.3to1 ratio air to fuel will create the most HP, right? Application shouldn’t matter, but it does. Tractor pull or formula one…what do you want it to do? Motors that pull hardest from standstill have their place, as do the ringazingzingers, but you certainly don’t want them changing hats. Bore and stroke and the resulting torque to RPM ratio determine the number of pistons IDEAL for your application. Also consider the weight of your flywheel and it’s affect on keeping a low revving engine turning under duress, as opposed to a light one that allows you to bark out the revs. Good times.

  12. rj says:

    wheres the in-car video?

    • CarCast says:

      The in-car-video as Adam mentioned will be given to us after it gets run on Speed. Speed Channel put all the recorders in the cars so they own the footage and will let us have it hopefully after it airs the show. I don’t have the exact date for that but check their site it should have it.


  13. McCheese says:

    Wow Adam looks like he’s about to die in that picture! Sandy isn’t looking too good either.

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