McLaren M6B and the Lotus Evora


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McLaren M6B and the Lotus Evora

We get a special treat this week. Toluca Lake Classic Motorsports brings down a restored McLaren M6B to the shop as well as Lotus USA bringing down a 2010 Evora. We take a close look at the cars, lift the panels, and fire it up. Nothing like the sound of high compression and open exhaust. At the other end of the spectrum, a new 2010 Evora. We take a peek at both of the cars.

Special thanks to both Toluca Lake Classic Motorsports and Lotus Cars USA for letting us check out the cars. For more information hit the links below!

Toluca Lake Classic Motorsports for more info on the McLaren M6B and other cars

Lotus Cars USA The Lotus Evora and all of the Lotus cars

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14 Responses to “McLaren M6B and the Lotus Evora”

  1. Jake says:

    Good episode guys

  2. Dennis says:

    Wheres the video Sandy??

  3. Joelus Maximus says:

    Ok slackers, not enough video and too much of Sandy talking on the podcasts. Don’t make me come over there and have sex with your furniture….again.

    Seriously though looking forward to both this vid and the Spyker.

    Adam perhaps you could give Sandy a huge bag of chewy toffees at the beginning of each podcast or at least take the red bull and coffee away from him. Ahhhhhh I jest….well kinda…..well not really…well….

  4. Dave says:

    I am going to give up on this site because they clearly aren’t serious about building a site. I like Jay Leno’s garage much more because they actually post things on time. Pissing off your die hard fans isn’t a good business model nor is it a good way to build a grass roots fan base. This show requires a video and you never post things on time and if you want to build an audience this is note the way to go about it. Get your act together if you want to grow.

    • CarCast says:

      Gee Dave, thanks for the Advice, we had not at all thought of that. Really? I’m not even going to go into why, but if you find that you can’t look at some pic, listen to the show, then we can’t do much for you. We get them up when we can.

      Thanks for the sage advice.


      • Jason From CA says:

        Shake the haters off Ganz! It’s still early days for the Ace Broadcast Network(and podcasts in general for that matter) and this is new and unchartered territory. So it’s only natural that things take a little longer at the beginning especially considering how quickly you guys are expanding. I’ve listened since day 1 when there was only the Adam Carolla Podcast(seems like ages ago) and I think it’s kinda cool to be able to watch as you guys grow and I think the majority of fans would agree.

  5. Spencer T says:

    Video…. Video…. MUST SEE CAN AM CAR before I die!!!!!

  6. Alex says:

    Will there ever be a video for this?

  7. Rick says:


    Ask Adam for help being more likable on camera. You would be doing him and his fans a favor.

  8. Darryl says:

    Wow. Guys, get over yourselves. Adam and the crew provide these podcasts at NO COST TO YOU. I’m thrilled with whatever they put out. Are some better or worse than others? Of course. SO WHAT?!Never ceases to amaze me at how spoiled some people can be….”I WANT MY VIDEO!”, “TELL SANDY TO BE QUIET”- Hey! Douchebags, beat it!

    Adam, Sandy, and crew: Thanks so much for doing these. Look forward to every Saturday so I can listen on my hour drive to work. Then, I check the site for a video if I wasn’t ‘satisfied’ with just listening.

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