Zane Lamprey


Zane Lamprey

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz have guest Zane Lamprey talk about booze, cars and stupid mechanical problems. Enjoy the show!

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24 Responses to “Zane Lamprey”

  1. Dan says:

    Zane rules. If you haven’t seen 3-Sheets, go to Hulu & check it out.
    Thanks Adam, Donny & or whoever made this happen.

  2. oldsoldier says:

    1. Inflating a tire with “quick-start” is something only a stupid fuck would even try.

    2. Bragging about your giant ford excretion and it’s shitty gas mileage means your are just a stupid, little, fat, fuck with a dick that probably doesn’t work right.

    3. Pissed off that other drivers on the public roads (that means the roads are for everyone not just you) is the sure sign you really a stupid fuck. Tailgate me like that and I’ll be hitting the brakes and your dumbass will be buying me a new car. It’s “ON” dickwad.

    4. Driving at 160 mph even on the autoban is irresponsible. Notice how nobody who lives there does that. Stupid assholes is why governments have to institute speed limits.

    5. The “terrorists hate us” because america is over in their country fucking up their shit. Get out of their country and they leave us alone. BTW, we’re over there so we have cheap gas and fuckwad can drive his giant car. Five bucks a gallon solves all these problems :)

    6. Nothing wrong with pissing in the sink, but don’t you have a back deck?

    • the law says:

      If you ever read the rules of the road. and i know them because i had to do traffic school. you’d know that it’s the law that you should allow a faster car the number one lane (the left lane)–it’s made for passing.

    • Josh says:

      5. Ugh they hated us long before we were over in their country so leaving won’t get them to leave us alone. Do some research this conflict has gone on longer than when Bush was POTUS. The rest of your post was good though.

    • Scott says:

      The thing I love most about this idiot with the tiny penis is that he’ll willingly take being rear ended at highway speeds by an Excursion just so he can get replacement value on ’97 Festiva. That’s smart thinkin’ right there oldsoldier.

    • Hank says:

      You are a looser, why the fuck do you even listen? You seem like the stupid fucks you see all around angry, and pissed of causing others problems due to your one issues. And GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE FAST LANE.

    • xj says:

      Using quickstart or another flammable substance is something many offroaders/rockcrawlers do in situations where you are miles from civilization and there isn’t another viable way to re-seat the tire to the bead. I’ve seen it done more than once. If you aren’t retarded and don’t use a lot of fluid you’ll be fine.

    • portlandmick says:

      fuck you! hybrid driving asshole.

    • Charlie says:

      have you ever driven on the Autobahn? Probably not, because if you have, you would know that people do indeed drive 120+ all the damn time. Of course, there are speed limits around major cities, but outside of those zones, it’s unrestricted.

    • Mauti says:

      i hope you die in your gay little prius.

  3. Sam says:

    Good show, but I think Zane would have been a better as an ACP guest.

    • Willus says:


    • CarpaccioFreak says:

      Zane is awesome and didnt get much chance to show it here. I am hoping that he trapped a Car Cast and a Carolla Cast at the same time and we are just getting this part now.

      Not only is Three Sheet a great show and Zane has a lot of interesting road stories from it, but he is doing something similar to Adam with a road comedy tour to monetize his popularity.

  4. Scott says:

    This was a perfect CarCast. No video to wait for and good conversation about lots of cars. This should be the model for all future shows. Also, please keep the collector car segment, and include the bargain car that looks like big bucks choices.


  5. Flatulator says:

    I don’t give a flying fuck about cars, but I love Zane and Three Sheets, and he couldn’t get a word in. I agree that he would be better utilized on ACP. Ace: add Three Sheets to your DVR after Modern Marvels and Sportscenter.

  6. Joelus Maximus says:

    Awesome, all my favorite guys in one place. Zane frikkin’ rocks, I love watching Three Sheets with a drab of my fave single malt – feels like audience participation.

  7. Kenb says:

    Bring Zane back and let him talk. I am sure he has some great stories.

  8. RickyQ says:

    Kind of a wasted opportunity, I wish Adam would have had more back and forth with Zane. I was really excited to see Zane as a guest, but he could only get a few sentences in during the whole hour…maybe have him back on the ACP.

  9. Ryan says:

    This is definitely a wasted opp. I was happy to see Zane, but on a Carcast? Also, in the 60 min or so he had about 8 min of airtime.

  10. CarCast says:

    Don’t worry Zane will be back on ACP. He had a scheduling issue so we said hey, jump on CarCast now since your here. All good, Zane will be back on ACP don’t worry.


  11. CrisD says:

    Adam. Finally I can’t believe in your rants it took so long to talk about people who refuse to get out of the fast lane. I live in SF and go to LA 4-5 times a year… this is the hell that is the 5!

    • Andrew says:

      Holy jesus, are you right about this. Between the retards who won’t give way and the insane truckers that will just pull right in front of you going 10 mph slower than you, that freeway is nothing but pain. I’d pay double the taxes just to get them to add a 3rd lane.
      Have you ever driven like a real maniac to break through the rolling roadblock of tucks and halfwit drivers? Sometimes the road is open for 100 miles ahead, without a car in sight!

      • CONfused says:

        What works best is turning your left blinker on while passing on the 5 people respond to this more frequently.

  12. jeffiba says:

    great carcast- I dug this one way better than having some boring ass spokesperson from brembo or some shit. get more guests that are cool people that just happen to also like cars and driving.

    Zane is awesome, three sheets is a greatt show. i watched every episode on hulu in about 3 days. i wish they’d do another season.

    get it on

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