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Brian Austin Green

Special guest Brian Austin Green sits down with Adam and Sandy to talk about school, Megan Fox, and oh, the Long Beach Grand Prix. We settle the score with a review of Adam and Brian’s in car camera and find out what really went down. Let’s not forget about Adrien Brody and his ‘questionable’ yellow flag move. Then out to the lot were we do a walk around with Brian and his fine 1966 Mustang Fastback. Enjoy the Show!

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The Megan Fox Transformers Clip

19 Responses to “Brian Austin Green”

  1. Devin says:

    Great show….loved BAGs reaction to Brody passing on the flag…

  2. Rob G says:

    Brian’s 66 is a beauty… Well done sir!

  3. Gabba says:

    well theres lots of things it could be besides straight webers or fi made to look like webers. as such it doesn’t look exactly like webers.
    1 it could be mpfi with individual throttles and stacks
    1a could have individual airflow meters
    2 could be webers running dry just as throttle bodies and mfpi supplying the fuel
    3 could be webers for gas and injection of something else such as
    3a nitrous
    3b nitromethane
    3c water (injection don’t knock it til you’ve seen a well done professional setup).

    furthermore it is most likely not an on set prop. perhaps megan fox and the sound guy and all are blameless. there is nothing in your clip to make us think that it was actually in the car on set; the only shot is a cutaway.

    its more likely a mock up or model of an engine or perhaps even an illustration/cg.

    not that i believe that megan fox is a grease monkey but its much more likely that what she was looking at on set was a double pumper on a high rise, than it is that they wen to the trouble to actually put a custom engine in such a piece and didn’t bother to get a shot of it and megan fox’s boobies brushing against it at magic hour.

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