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Brian Austin Green

Special guest Brian Austin Green sits down with Adam and Sandy to talk about school, Megan Fox, and oh, the Long Beach Grand Prix. We settle the score with a review of Adam and Brian’s in car camera and find out what really went down. Let’s not forget about Adrien Brody and his ‘questionable’ yellow flag move. Then out to the lot were we do a walk around with Brian and his fine 1966 Mustang Fastback. Enjoy the Show!

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The Megan Fox Transformers Clip

19 Responses to “Brian Austin Green”

  1. squeege says:

    Finally, Adam isn’t the most handsome guy in the room!

  2. Mike Hart says:

    great episode, classic……how about a BAG & DAG episode

  3. Kevin V says:

    Good show fellas, nice editing and producing weez & crew

  4. Tom_from_China says:

    Hey guys,

    Really enjoyed this episode. I’ve already got my tickets for the El Portal show next month and hope you can include some car references/stories during the show.

    See you June 12.

  5. Sam says:

    Awesome podcast, loved the footage, can you get the weez to produce video casts for itunes of carcast? would be cool to watch them on my iphone?

    Sam, Australia

  6. pedroh says:

    Great to have video up at same time as podcast .. I was doing my morning jog and paused the podcast when I realized your vid was already up .. came home and watched! So often Carcasts have an important visual component .. I encourage you to continue this simultaneous posting. Loved the show .. Brian Austin Green was great ..

  7. maikai says:

    Love, Adam Carolla and love the Sports Cast and Adam’s show and Daves of Thunder, Podcasting is The Future.

    PODCASTING ACE NETWORK… 4 Ever..!!!!!!!!!

  8. steve says:

    Weez – good videos. Please help with distribution of these pieces by uploading on YouTube or vimeo. Many of your fans want to embed, tweet, facebook these videos but we can’t because the video player you are using doesn’t allow for that.

  9. Dante says:

    Good show. I had assumed Green would be some kind of douche, but he came off like a decent guy.

  10. Eeep says:

    Show had a great vibe. Great show boiys and girls.

  11. Alex Murray says:

    I don’t get why Megan isn’t going to be in Transformers 3! She was so brilliant before.

  12. Nick G says:

    Awesome show! Loved the in car footage! I’m considering buying a much less expensive 66 Mustang and pretending I’m Brian Austin Green, it must be nice… it must be nice.

  13. Ford Prefect says:

    The engine in the clip looks like CGI. Arguing about what it really is seems pointless because it’s not real. About suspension of disbelief issues, you could argue that what we are seeing is not what Megan Fox and Shayla Labouef (sp?) are seeing. Although if that *really* was the director’s intention he could/should have made it more obvious by morphing the old and new engines back and forth, or some other effect. So yes, I agree it was a fuck up. The movie sucked. My guess is what really happened is that they originally filmed the sequence with the legacy Camaro. They asked the owner what kind of engine it was, and Megan Fox got it mostly right. Later on during editing, GM or Bay saw another advertising opportunity, so they replaced the original engine with a CGI one resembling the new Camaro’s. $$$

  14. James says:

    Adam was a true gentlemen and showed much class, as I know he was a bit frustrated with some of BAG’s bumps.

    BAG turend out to be actually pretty cool…and gotta love only paying labor the the remod for the ‘stang. Sweet ride.

    Well done Carcast.

  15. CZAR says:

    Brian Austin Green sounds like a great guy.I will never see him as just that guy from 90210 again that’s for sure.

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