Open House at Stillen


Open House at Stillen

Ace, Ganz, and the CarCast crew roll down to Stillen’s open house. Steve Millen shows us around his company and we talk about some of his new products for Nissans and Infinitis. We talk some shop with the legendary racer and ‘Natalia’ helps daddy out with some of the tech talk. As a wrap up we bring back Celebrity first car with David Alan Grier. A fun episode, enjoy!

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9 Responses to “Open House at Stillen”

  1. nater says:

    Loving the show guys. The factory picture of the white gremlin Ganz, does the bumper appear dented on the driver side?

  2. captain ham says:

    Donny, there’s no apostrophe on a plural. i thought you were the smart one.

  3. wseroyer says:

    I was waiting for Adam to say Steve was from Australia. You got to love a man that does that on on purpose.

  4. silverbyte says:

    I wish you would have cranked up a 370 with the supercharger, I’d love to hear it. I just picked up a 2008 G37 6mt, should I put the Stillen Supercharger on it?

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