The Mitty, Road Atlanta

The Mitty, Road Atlanta

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz and the CarCast crew (Donny) jump on an eastbound plane and head for Atlanta. The trip – Speedfest at the Classic Motorsports Mitty 2010 held at Road Atlanta, and this year Ace has a couple of cars down for the show. BRE and Datsun are the mark for the vintage race with many classic Datsuns in attendance. We chat with some great racers and enjoy conversation with a few folks while we toss back a beer. Then Ganz and Motorator Matt do some more hack job work on the ripper, only to find that one good hack job leads to another. Enjoy the show, and check below for the many photos!

Special thanks to Tim Suddard and Crew of Classic Motorsports Magazine for the special hospitality during the event and the Sunday Beer. Check out Classic Motorsports and Grassroots Motorsports magazines at –

And lastly thanks goes out to Les Cannaday at Classic Datsun for getting Adam’s cars out to the track.

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Image Gallery

Transmission Tunnel Video

Tim Suddard of Classic Motorsports Magazine

Les Cannaday of Classic Datsun Motorsports

Legendary Racer John Morton

Vintage race driver John McComb

19 Responses to “The Mitty, Road Atlanta”

  1. Thanks for making the big trip to our event. Next year, I promise, we’ll have waffles at the track.

    David S. Wallens, editorial director
    Grassroots Motorsports
    Classic Motorsports

  2. I shit U not says:

    No waffles? Did Adam beat someone to death?

  3. captain ham says:

    you guys need a tv show–this is way more interesting than anything Spike Tv puts out on the weekends.

  4. Cool Beans! Just got around to checking out this site. Like the interviews. Like the informal format. Just like a couple of car guys talking about cars. Thanks for putting up a couple of photos of the Corvairs. Now, go crash Leno’s place! He has a few Corvairs too.


  5. Jack says:

    Adam and Sandy are great fun and yes this could and should be a show. I have been interested in motorsports my entire 40 years and was so excited when Speed was available. Now look at Speed. They might as well call it NASCAR TV. Sad, really sad.

    Now if the brits can put together a TV show about cars that is entertaining to everyone, why can’t we?? We Can, We Can!!! Adam is the man to do it. Let’s support these guys as best we can!!!!

    • CarCast says:

      That is what I hear about Speed. And it was a couple of years back from some people that worked for Speed! They were complaining that they were sick of reporting just Nascar events as that was the direction they were taking with less road racing. And yeah of that wanker Clarkson can do it don’t see why Hollywood can’t come up with something more fun… Oh, wait, I said Hollywood I see the problem ;)


  6. Guy says:

    It was great running into Sandy Ganz in the ATL airport! big fan of real car talk.

    • CarCast says:

      Yes, and thanks for the shout out! We had a good time except for the return trip at the airport with all the crazy security due to the bombs found in Time Square.


  7. Dana says:

    I was there from Thursday on with my BRE Tribute Z (#30) and had a blast. Didn’t seem to have a chance to talk to you guys when I saw you but thanks for the videos (Sandy, I yelled hello to you in my BRE Z while we were staging in the pit for the BRE Parade lap on Saturday).

    I stayed in the same hotel as the BRE team and it was a great chance to talk to them before they were swarmed with fans at the Mitty. All good guys and very freindly…just the kind of experience this event should boast about.

    Hope you guys come East again.

    • CarCast says:


      Was a really fun event. Makes more pissed off I have not got any of my cars working. I got a ride with Ron in his Z and was at least a little taste. Good fun, hope we can make it a regular!

  8. Andy Reid says:

    Adam and Sandy, I also want to thank the both of you for coming to this years Mitty. We will make sure that David makes waffles next year as he promised.
    The cars looked terrific and the show is awesome. Too bad we get Pinks instead of this kind of show format.

  9. Trisha says:

    Hope the CarCast crew makes it out to some HMP events this year. I would bet Rahal’s waffles are very, very delicious.

  10. Carl Beck says:

    Hi Adam:
    Great Web Site – – Thanks for making the long trip to the Mitty – your Factory Lightweight and BRE DATSUN Roadsters are looking spectacular. The entire event was a Blast and it was wonderful to see so many of the guys from the original BRE Racing Team there. Wish we all had more time to talk…

    Carl Beck, President
    Internet Z Car Club
    Clearwater, FL
    BRE Z #300

  11. Ian says:


    HMP has put together a class for the 2.0/ 2.5l (TA2) that I’d image you could wrangle the 610 Datsun into although it didn’t originally run in the 2.5 challenge series.

    Do either you or Adam have an interest in the early Capri? We have one for sale, see you on the track.

  12. keygens says:

    Appreciate this great article!

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