Tim Suddard

Tim Suddard

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz sit down and talk with Tim Suddard the publisher of a two very popular automotive magazines, Grassroots Motorsports and Classic Motorsports. Tim gives it up as vintage car collector with some of his car picks as well as giving us a tour of his Mercedes AMG SL63 ‘Loaner Car’. Enjoy the show!

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11 Responses to “Tim Suddard”

  1. Jay Wardle says:

    Love the random ’78 chevette reference even if it was about duct tape. My (non) celeberty first car!

  2. Ray Jepson says:

    The W-12 was developed from VW’s VR6 engine. The VR6 was a narrow angle V6 that was designed to take up minimum space in transverse mounted FWD layouts (ie Corrado VR6, Golf, Jetta). The layout was adopted to the Bugatti partly from evolution and partly to aid in packaging…after all, the Bugatti has multiple radiators, intercoolers and such.

    Bugatti is French. Ettore Bugatti was born in Italy, but moved to France. Bugattis, including the newest, are all assembled in Molsheim, France.

  3. Nick says:

    Good podcast, this guy is non-biased and knows his stuff. E30 BMW’s and Miata’s are modern classics.

  4. Jason says:

    Another great show. Thanks guys. Mr. Suddard mentioned the Tire Rack Street Survival Teen driving school. Adam and Sandy this is a really great program. Here in LA the local BMW CCA chapter runs the Tire Rack events. We just held one in May, and had about 40 students out at Auto Club Speedway. We are hoping to have more events this year, but finding a location is our biggest hurdle.

    For our next event, I would love to somehow get you guys involved. Either with pre event publicity, or at the event itself. I have been participating i9n these events for a short time, but have seen the positive effects they have on the teen drivers. Not only to get them to be better drivers, but also to get them hooked with a bit of the enthusiast spirit.

  5. Amir says:

    I have to correct Tim, or maybe I misheard him or misinterpreted what he said.

    You can get a nice 911SC or 3.2 Carrera (he even mentions it by saying “pick up an ’84) for 10 to 15. You’ll see them advertised all day long in the mid-20s, but I’m buying/buildling/selling these cars as a hobby and they’re selling in the teens all day long. You won’t get a 993 for that kinda money, but 20 is hardly the low end of the market for an air-cooled 911.

  6. WhatTheWhat says:

    a M3 wagon? Instead of building one why doesn’t he go get a Volvo 850 T-5R? Either way, nothing beats a grocery-getter that can burn ‘vettes!

  7. Nick says:

    850 = FWD. M3 = RWD.

  8. Shane says:

    I like the easy going nature of todays show, it makes for a great podcast when there’s a
    natural synergy between you all.

    Sound fidelity of the podcast is a noticeable improvement from earlier shows.

    Great work Team.

  9. Dana says:

    Good points made by Tim and you guys about the next classic collectors. I think the Japanese cars will be the next collectibles too. Big part of the equation is what Tim touched upon: cars you lusted after as a kid or owned and loved at the time. For me coming of age in the late 80’s, that didn’t leave us with much to lust after! What, you don’t want to collect a Dodge Daytona Turbo?? Haaa! The Jap cars of my generation were at least pretty bulletproof and fun to drive. I’d add a RX-7 Turbo (second gen RX-7) to the list. I totally agree about the first gen M3 because it is rare, and the 80s 911 has probably bottomed out in price too with only one way to go. The 90s had a much better selection of cool cars with better performance from Japan, and that’s the decade to watch.

    Tim, I hope your predictions weren’t just based on the cars you already own and am now trying to “create” interest, kind of like those Hedge Fund managers that publish investing newsletters: “buy this”, (because I already picked it up for cheap). <;
    Just kidding man.

    Very interesting Carcast, thanks again.

    PS I wish you guys stopped by to talk to me with my #30 BRE Z at the Mitty, but you were too busy hanging with the real deal….I would too.


  10. Steve Burch says:

    Hey, Is there a counterpart in Northern CA for the BMW teen driving school in SoCal? I have 2 kids that will be driving before long and want them to be as prepared as possible (mostly so they can avoid their father’s experience… yeah, I was bad)


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