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Chip Foose

Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz and legendary designer Chip Foose gather some thoughts and basically shoot the Sh!T about some of Chips early history and how he started Foose Designs, some of the origins of the Gone in 60 seconds ‘Elenor’ car and much more. Chip was a fantastic guest and brought in a cool car, the Foose Hemisfear. Chip also tells us about the ‘Ultimate Car Build Off’ premiering on Discovery Channel. Enjoy the show!

This blurb lifted from Discovery Channel –

“‘Ultimate Car Build Off’ follows mechanics from all over America as they battle it out to build the most innovative vehicle and win US $100,000. It highlights the incredible design and fabricating abilities of the participants and demonstrates how their creative skills are pushed to the limit. Hosted by professional car builder Lou Santiago and North American Rally Champion Andrew ‘ACP’ Picard, the final project builds are showcased and judged by legendary car designer Chip Foose. In the first episode, watch as mechanics from two garages – Hollywood Hot Rods and Pure Vision – go head-to-head with just four days to transform a mini-van into a super-car. The finished article is put on display at Willow Springs Raceway and the winner moves on to the next battle in Los Angeles.”

Catch Chip on Ultimate Car Build on the Discovery Channel. The show premiers on June 21st, 9pm, with host Lou Santiago, Andrew Picard, and Chip Foose. Check the Discovery Channel for more information

Also Special Thanks to Chip Foose and Tod Mesirow for making the trek out for the show!

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30 Responses to “Chip Foose”

  1. captain ham says:

    another great show. you guys should be on tv.

  2. Nick Da Man says:

    Yeah, great show. Please do a show with AC-Propulsion ( They are a legendary outfit in southern California that:

    1) Inspired Tesla with their T-Zero sport car.
    2) Their founder worked on the GM EV-1 in the early 90’s.
    3) Did all the BMW eMini conversions.
    4) Sold early electric cars to Tom Hanks and other Hollywood celebrities.

    Keep it up!

  3. Ian B says:

    Chip Foose! Wow you guys finally caught your white whale.

  4. Kevin V says:

    Great show, Chip Foose is just a genius

  5. Mike Hart says:

    top notch… show ever…dont jump the shark now

  6. Eric O says:

    I love the show. I wasn’t much of a motorhead or car buff. This show is really educational and inspiring. Unfortunately, my dad wasn’t into this stuff and drove crappy cars. I wish I was 18 again so I could have chosen a different career path. I’m going to kick my dad in the balls.

  7. Pylex says:

    Best Carcast to date. Thank you Adam

  8. colin says:

    best part of waking up on Saturday is listening to another CarCast. Thanks Aceman

  9. 3x5 says:

    No doubt Foose has talent, but does he have to plaster his name over every square inch of the car? That just takes a nice piece of crafstmanship and makes it tacky.

  10. Ian B says:

    Hey GANZ- You guys were talking about bad ass electric dragsters and such, check the “electric Killacycle” dragster on youtube. Just search “speed records killacycle” at youtube and click the first link. That thing cracks a barrel of a tire over and smokes the shit it out of it, and when it winds out it almost sound like a jungle cat’s high pitched roar. Its pretty impressive-check it out.

    Great show guys.

    • CarCast says:

      Found this on the site –

      KillaCycle® facts:

      0-60 mph (0-96 km/h): 0.97 seconds
      Acceleration: 2.89 G (almost 3 times free fall)
      Best Top Speed in ┬╝ mile: 174.05 MPH
      Lowest ┬╝ mile Elapsed Time (ET): 7.82 seconds @ 168 mph

      That is pretty nutty gas or electric!


  11. Great show and I always look forward to the podcast for playing during weekend wrench-turning projects. The best part is I have to turn it up so load to be able to hear it, over tool noises, that it keeps the riff-raff at bay, those who are not really interested enough in the subject matter of the podcast, or what I am working on, but just want to chatter mindlessly and grab beers from the beer fridge. It especially helps when Adam cusses a lot, as even people that normally cuss seem to find it too much for their sensitive ears. The 17 year old is still asleep, but when he drags his ass out of bed and wants me to help him work on his car, Ill make him listen to it. He needs to hear from legends like Sandy Ganz and Chip Foose. He needs to realize that energy efficiency and performance dont come out of preachy professors or school teachers, but from competitive innovators.

    I saw very little Foose on the car (though much in it). Hemisfear was prominent, and should be. All I noticed was the steering wheel and the temporary license plate. It may have been elsewhere, as well, but I did not find it over done.

  12. john says:

    You forgot to start the car up.

  13. john says:

    Does that car have a front lifting system, because it looks like you would scrape the hell out of it?

    • Motorator says:

      The car doesn’t lift, but since the nose is pointy, all you have to do is drive in at an angle. Unless you’re driving into a trailer, of course.

  14. benjamman says:

    Holy shit, that is a bad ass car

  15. JoeNY says:

    Great show as usual. Chip is the best.

    Adam you absolutely belong on TV.

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