Icon FJ40 and CJ3B


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Icon FJ40 and CJ3B

Jonathan Ward brings by a couple of ICON 4×4’s. The FJ40 inspired from the Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser and the ICON CJ3B which has it styling cues from the ‘iconic’ 1940’s Willys Jeep. These are not restored vehicles but scratch built by ICON with many modern features.

Icon FJ40 and CJ3B Video

11 Responses to “Icon FJ40 and CJ3B”

  1. Greg Birch says:

    Bring those things stumping up here! Lancia’s of the 4WD world.



  2. Sean says:

    God I want the willy model so bad. Nice beanie by the way.

  3. Mike says:

    Adam is so right, I had a 65 bug with the Highbeam foot switch, so much better

  4. JasonHB says:

    That was another kick ass episode! I wish I could afford an ICON, I appreciate you feeding my dreams. I can’t believe companies like these make it in California. It gives us all hope.

  5. ttamnoswad says:

    Speaking of hyper-vigilance disorder…………….the only thing I can’t get over on this particular truck is the crinkle paint. I love the look, and the feel, but for an off road truck the crinkles are just way too hard to clean as the crinkle will grab the dust and hold it. You can’t just wipe that down or rinse it off. Cleaning would require scrubbing/brushing. By the way.is is okay to rinse down your truck every so often. Overall not a functional coating for an off road truck…….a hammered finish would have been better as show on the diff covers.

    All being said……..this comapny is amazing.

  6. Floormatt says:

    ADAM! What the hell is on your head?

  7. Erik says:

    Adam, might want to use some of that hyper-vigilance when you’re checking out your outfit…otherwise great video. Those Jeeps are worth every penny…too rich for my blood, but DAMN!

  8. joe says:

    Get an HD camera!!

    • CarCast says:

      Why, you would just complain that the you can’t play the video due to slow internet connection… Hahah.. Well, we highly compress the video now and that is going to change a bit, will see how it looks when we turn down the compression we just installed a new T1 line for uploading and live video on other shows so hang in we will get the quality up.


  9. joe says:

    BRING HIM BACK!! Want HD updates on the ICON as well as the Bronco (or anything this guy is breathing on)

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