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Jonathan Ward – ICON

Adam, Sandy and Jonathan Ward sit down to talk about his creations. The ICON line of vintage vehicles. ICON manufactures a FJ40 and a CJ3B with more on the way. The inspiration of all of this came out of Jonathan’s passion for the Toyota Land Cruiser and being the premier supplier of aftermarket parts. The TLC business evolved into ICON where he manufactures a variety of classic 4×4 from the ground up. Ever thing about these vehicles is about functionality and durability and yet they are meticulously detailed in every aspect. Enjoy the show!

Check out ICON vehicles here :
Land Cruise Fan? Check out TLC here :

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25 Responses to “Jonathan Ward – ICON”

  1. Tyler Durden says:

    Adam Carolla is the most interesting person in media — I would pay to listen / watch him in anything.

    He’s got insights and passion — and is able to relate to just about anything or anybody.

    • captain ham says:

      i have to agree. carolla needs a tv gig like the home improvement show he did a few years ago. maybe a combination car/home/comedy show. that would totally kick ass.

    • jcatjake says:

      coming soon, Adam Makes Fun of Your House

  2. Ian B says:

    I Love those Wal-mart batteries too Ganz. Hate everything else about the place except for batteries and oil, cheap cheap.

  3. Kevin V says:

    Great looking rides, very unique but $79000 is a kick in the balls.

  4. Ford Prefect says:

    The tlc4x4 link is broken (points to icon4x4).

    Nice FJ-45 truck restorations on the TLC site. How about some Jeep trucks — J10s, Scramblers, etc.? I’ve always liked the look of 70 and 80’s Jeep Trucks. But would they sell? Perhaps not chic enough for LA.

    Hopefully you will have Mr Ward back to “geek out” some more about materials, craftsmanship, aesthetics, etc.

    The watch analogy seems overdone. How about fishing reels? They’re using some amazing alloys nowadays.

    I too am a fan of wrinkle paint, especially in olive green.

  5. Davud says:

    Sandy talks too much and is not at all funny. I don’t understand why Adam doesn’t chastise him for stepping on his (Adam’s) point, finishing his sentences, or repeating his funny quips as if they were his own. Sandy reminds me of Danny Bonaduce.

    • Shane says:

      Bullshit!, Carcast would be poorer without Sandy.

      Enjoy the chat between obviously good friends with the same car passion &
      equally passionate guest.



      Fantastic sound of engine revving so far.

  6. Scott says:

    Hall & Oates does not suck. Six #1 songs and seven Platinum albums can’t be wrong. Carry on.

  7. jd hog says:

    jonathan ward may be my new favorite guest guys! what a cool cat. love the fact that u guys expose people like me to new companys and people in the industry i never would have come across. the direction of the adam corolla network is going to set the pace for the podcasting community.once agian an excellent episode,and davud needs to lay off sandy! dude is a wealth of automotive info.mad respect for all my guys in the warehouse! love the new format on the “show” as well. dont care if teresa is a little self loathing,she’s one fn hot jew!

  8. TC says:

    fantastic podcast, What’s up with the beanies and jackets in sunny socal, tho?

    • Charlie says:

      It’s been “chilly” by SoCal standards. The weatherman says that “el nino” has turned into “la nina” which translates to overcast all day. 60’s in June/July = beanies and jackets, heh.

  9. Greg says:

    Love the carcast guys! One little suggestion though; because the video doesn’t cover the entire episode, It would be awesome if there was a little drop that told the listeners when they could stop the audio podcast and switch over to the video. It’s obvious when the video part is outside, but on the episode with BAG, it was hard to tell.

  10. Evan says:

    JESUS! Great podcast. Jonathan Ward’s Icon is doing some of most interesting and deeply thought out fabrication in the U.S.

    I too ‘am hardcore about detail and The Dog and FJ variations are truly badass!

    Ward should be commended for keeping this kind of old school utility alive.

  11. JB says:

    Adam routinely points out that he is not a car guy. He can’t figure out the high beams on a Volvo? It is the same set up that has been used on Fords for years. If the headlight switch is in the off position, you don’t know it because the Volvo flips the lights on at night automatically. The high beams don’t work because the switch thinks the head lights are off. If you turn the headlight switch to the on position the high beams work as usual. Not a great system, but something a car guy should know.

  12. KrisS says:

    Amazing attention to detail! This guy Ward is the Steve Jobs of off-road vehicles.

  13. Mike from Phoenix says:

    hey Adam and Sandy:

    Thank you so much for all the free entertainment…I love the way you highlight people who actually work with their hands for a living

    Is there any way you could do some sort of donation set up on the ACE network where you hit someones cc for a few bucks a month? like a friends of the show type thing?

    I really would love to contribute…your fans love you, and I know they would want to help out and be a part of the network

    Thanks again

    Mike Boyle

    • CarCast says:

      Hey Mike, thanks for the kind words!

      What can you do for us? Well as Adam puts it we are not looking for handouts as we would rather give extras that hopefully you purchase. We are just getting new albums on iTunes (We have 2 of the live shows, and the new On the Road Vol #1), and ring tones coming as well as new stuff in the Adam Carolla store since it’s now the Adam Caroola Show we are going to have new stuff for that. Another huge help is patronize our advertisers when you can.

      But the best thing is get people to listen and keep listening!


  14. Lew says:

    I’m a little slow. Just listened to the Jonathan Ward podcast. Way cool!

    For a cool utility truck, check out this guy’s duece-and-a-halfs:

    The rear ends are bobbed and then “super-single” tires are added.

    When’s the new Carrola Car marque being introduced?

  15. Aaron says:

    Oh My god, I know what your guys are talking about when you mention the tastless folk who just swollow all of the shitty designs from car manufacturers, and then think it’s just awesome. Lets look at EVERYTHING GM has produced for the last 20 years, and don’t get me started about the new Corvette. For a car that’s frothing at the mouth with power, and the potential to be a true supercar competitor….could the people at GM please look up the words “metal” and “leather” in the dictionary, and consider using more of it in the Vette. The thing looks like a piece of shit, and the body\interior is incongruent with its robust drivetrain. The Vette has more plastic in it than a dildo factory.

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