Audi R8, Spyker C8, BMW M3


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Audi R8, Spyker C8, BMW M3

Nik Saran of VF Engineering brings in 3 hot cars. The Audi R8, a Spyker C8, and his own BMW M3. Well, you might say been there done that, but this time they all are VF Engineering Supercharged.

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2 Responses to “Audi R8, Spyker C8, BMW M3”

  1. Chuckgm3 says:

    I have to call Adam out for a second.

    The carbon fiber roof looks cool and saves a few nickles worth of weight off the car for marginal at best performance benefit. But the fact that BMW shot it with clear instead of paint screams boyracer, look at me I’ve got carbon fiber. If you’re concerned about the weight of a sunroof, why not make the CF roof body color and just have CF roof on the window sticker? Because that’s not why people buy the CF roof, they buy it to show it off.

    Meanwhile, he lets the fact that this car has no clutch pedal on the floor slide by without a mention. One of the things I like about Adam is that he shares my distaste for flappy paddle gearboxes and prefers to drive like a real man with all 4 limbs. Yet in this case he decided to let that slide and praise the boy-racer roof.

    I get to enjoy the sun on a gorgeous day in my car while I blast through the canyons, heel-toe shifting and rev matching with a true manual transmission in my 2008 sunroof equipped 6MT Interlagos Blue e92 M3.

    That said, I think I might need to visit Nik for that Supercharger.

  2. Mark says:

    it took me a while to get around to viewing this clip but ya, Nick brought the biz down to the garage…. wow.

    I’ve read about that BMW tons of times cause it gets coverage at every show
    and in every mag cause it’s a monster….. and the bodykit is also nice.

    I’ve always read that the VF systems keep the cars VERY driveable,
    probably why they’re so popular.

    great cars and nice work to bring us some cool extras for the carcast
    fans that take the time to hit the web page…..

    I’m not sure that podcast listeners always know that there are
    video clips of the guest rides…. and that they’re always good for some
    laughs, interesting cars and some sweet exhaust sounds.

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