Fontana Racing – HSR West


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Fontana Racing – HSR West

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz take you out to the races. The Professors loads up Adam’s Bob Sharp Datsun 610 and pull an early run out to the HSR-West event in Fontana California hosted at the Auto Club Speedway. Les Canaday of Classic Datsun is there in hand to help out with the car prep and keep things running smooth. Adam narrates the race and finishes just out of reach of the podium even after a couple of driver ‘glitches’. And How about this, we return to investment cars and then finally jump in with Stan Misraje’s 1940 Ford Woody Wagon. Enjoy the Show!

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Stan Misraje’s 1940 Deluxe Woody Wagon

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Racing at Fontana

Stan Misraje’s 1940 Ford Deluxe Woody Wagon

40 Responses to “Fontana Racing – HSR West”

  1. Joe says:

    The three camera video works great. Love the carcast episode. Are you going to have the cameras for the san diego race also? Can’t wait to watch it if you guys can record that race too.

    I also had a question about Adam’s Lamborghini Miura S. There was one picture taken of the inside with the seat out. There were 2 MSD ignition boxes mounted. Did the Miura come with these or were they added later?


    • CarCast says:

      The cameras are going to be on for the Coronado vintage race. One is now permanent in the car.

      The MSD’s were later added to that car by the last owner, I think it has an electronic ignition upgrade at some point. One of the Miura was a guys daily driver that he had a bunch of ‘make it reliable’ mods.


  2. Ron C says:

    Great video guys! Adam & Sandy we will look forward to racing with you at Coronado. See you there!!


  3. Shane B. says:

    Love the fact your getting to race this car rather than it gathering dust.

    Thanks for towing the Ace’s car, Professor!


  4. Rob S says:

    Hey Professor,
    That was a really well done video! Loved the commentary added onto it, even though I heard the full podcast already. Nice cameras. keep up the good work! …oh, and you too Donny.

  5. Larry says:

    Hi, I just wanted to tell Sandy that your Dad was by far, one of the best guests on “The Carcast.” He was really funny and down to earth, and even sounded like one of those big time car restorers. I’ll tell you one thing, he sure was a hell of a better guest than Edelbrock. Not to go on too long about it but, it was like listening to the best part of the carcast and the podcast at the same time, I loved to hear his side of the story ’bout when Adam stole his tool’s and ate his old food. Keep up the beyond better than good work guys.

    • CarCast says:

      Larry – That was actually Donny’s (The Weez) dad. He is a great guy and part of the reason that most of us are car fanatics. And we all used Stan’s tools as we had none, he had the mega tool box and food at his house.


  6. paul says:

    Please tell Adam to stop shuffling his hands on the wheel, it takes accurancy and precision away.
    Other than that pretty nice job!

    JIm Russell Driving School

  7. Rob says:

    I read all of the comments before posting this, but I can’t believe I am the first to say “Feh” to the 90’s Vettes (ZR-1 or otherwise). There’s a reason you can get one under $10K anywhere on the net. You’d have to had some remarkable sexual experience in one to look back on that car and pine. I can’t think of one thing that makes me want to “invest” in that pile. On the other hand, the 3.0 CSL and the Country Squire made up for the momentary lack of judgement.

  8. Troy Ermish says:

    Good job Adam, forth place first time at Fontana. I’ll try not to take the next event so “serious” and drink more between sessions…LOL. See you at Coronado. Troy

    • CarCast says:

      Troy –

      Troy you are on the right track! It was a lot of fun that day and as always the Datsun folks are about a friendly as you can get.

      As the winner of the race thanks for taking that 2002 BMW guy who drove like a prick ;)


  9. khawthorn says:

    Nice videos and a good lap of 2:03, especially for your first time out. How many lbs and HP is the Datsun?

    Your gearing sounds a little strange if you can stay in 3rd all the way past turn 7 (where you once tried 4th and then downshifted into 1st by mistake). Seems like you’d really be winding out the engine if you didn’t upshift.

    Regarding the video, have you considered moving the in-car cam more to the left (center) and aiming it more straight ahead so it captures both the driver’s hands and the forward view of the track? Maybe the cam’s not wide-angle enough, but I’ve seen some good videos that show both the driver and track.

    • CarCast says:

      Gearing was not right what Adam and Les were talking but I think they were talking about a different set of gears for the transmission to help sort that out. The 610 for a bit and it’s in Adam’s garage now so it will likely have what it has until it goes back to Les at Classic Datsun to get some work done on it. Don’t know how light the car is but it’s gutted.

      For camera mounts, had only one mount on the roll bar near the pass door that was already in the car, and given the last minute “yeah lets add cameras” to the car we just used what we could. It not that bad, but the mount was designed for a camcorder and you can see the odd bouncing it causes to the camera. And my standard line will be “I’ll get right on that” but I do know what your saying. One problem that happens when you do in car and track view is video is usually a bit hot (video blown out) on the track vs the darker interior of the car not optimal for either view. More ContourHD’s are the answer I think.


  10. KDS says:

    Does Stan get mad at his son for gettnig rid of the Boss 302 for an 81 Camaro? What’s the story behind that?

    • CarCast says:

      No, no one really thought much about it at the time. And who didn’t have one of those stories… Yeah I had a XXXXXX when I was in high school and sold it, if only I had kept it. The Boss was a cool car, the 81′ Camaro, well that was about as good as it sounds.


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