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Nik Saran

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz talk with Nik Saran of VF Engineering. Nik is a premier supplier of Supercharger and related upgrades. Nik tells us about his background, about the cool cars that he has supercharged and a bit about VF Engineering. Nik brings us 3 very nice examples of VF Engineering work, an Audi R8, his own Air Force styled BMW M3 and finally a Spyker C8. All Supercharged of course. Enjoy the Show!

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23 Responses to “Nik Saran”

  1. captain ham says:

    you guys are doing the lord’s work. great show, sandy.

  2. Pete says:

    Great show guys! You guys keep it exciting every week – if only I have the money!

  3. george says:

    best car show on the internet bar none!

  4. Ford Prefect says:

    Another excellent show.

    I’m going to fixate on mirrors again. At some angles, the side mirrors are always going to detract from a car’s lines, but I have to say the mirrors on the R8 work. Maybe it’s because the R8 has a reclining stance, so the mirrors balance the front of the car. They might look even better if they were in the contrast color (black). Even from the front they look good. See the “snout” image. That’s a great word for the hood of a sports car, isn’t it? “Snout” — reminds me of some crazy animal “red in tooth and claw.” It’s Germanic, obviously. Contrast that with “bonnet”.

    Like Sandy, I think the Spyker is too loud, but the rear-end is genius (second set of slides). I’m a fan of retro-styling high tech — not so much imitations of old designs, but original, leading-edge designs. Leno made a weird “Fahrenheit 451″ reference on one of his recent vids. I never read the book, but the movie left an impression on me. Everything was spooky high-tech, but with anomalous 60′s styling. (“Brazil” is another example of that idea.) In someways that’s even more high tech. Appearance becomes arbitrary, because the technology allows it.

    About performance mods, the first thing I’d do is change the rear-end ratio. Who needs to go 190 mph? Ok, maybe just once. After you’ve taken the car to its maximum speed, you don’t feel the need to do it again. The day-to-day thrill comes from 40 to 100 mph. Cars are geared way too high today.

    Nik is right to promote the silence of his supercharger. I don’t want my car to sound like an LTD with a leaky steering pump, especially at idle.

    Nice to know there’s a future for individuals with Computer Science degrees.

  5. Darrin says:

    Great show for the most part. one problem i’m having is Sandy. I appreciate your knowledge but, can you stop speaking over the guest. i’d like to hear what they have to say. You may not realize just how much you do it. Thanks

    • jim says:

      It is very annoying… my son does the same thing with watching tv shows. I have to keep telling him to listen. Sandy “ssh, listen!”. Quit speaking over the guests.

      Still a very cool show!

  6. Scott says:

    Another great show from Adam and Sandy. You two should be the American version Top Gear. I think that I agree with everything Adam says about any given car’s aesthetics. Most of the show’s guests’ cars have the styling or modifications dialed.

    How about checking out the Audi tuners, APR Motorsport, in Alabama? They do great things to Audi’s here in the USA.

    It really would be great to see the whole show on video and not just the “outdoor” segments.

    I look forward to each episode of Car Cast. Keep it going!!

  7. conan says:

    leno sucks!

  8. Cape Cod Carolla says:

    Love me some Car Cast! Sandy is the best 2nd banana on the network but Jacuzzi Pete is gaining ground on him. Adam’s garage has a Gulf Oil theme I believe and we still have lots of Gulf gas stations here in New England. The family that now owns the Gulf Brand name also owns a convienence store empire called Cumberland Farms out of Rhode Island. Scott from Cape Cod

  9. Gump says:

    Why aren’t there pictures of the engines of the BMW or the Spyker? WTF. And, yes, Sandy, nice guy, knowledgeable, etc: less is more.

  10. Reality check says:

    I am sad to see that this show promotes a company that has blown 13 engines in less than 10 months, threatened to sue people if they told anyone about their blown motors. Nik has blamed oil catch cans for blown motors…lol. VF was asked to leave e46fanatics due to all the blown motors, he simply ran away. I heard the vorstiner car start it sounded like crap, the owner of vostiner was not too happy with what it sounded like. Do a simple google search on the e46 m3 blown motors from VF. In one car they blew the motor 3 times in one month. Cars run like crap, I should no I bought his kit and have been kicking myself ever since.
    Here is the last one they blew.

  11. The Spyker is quickly becoming my favorite car. The details are amazing.

  12. Nick says:

    LOL the “blurrrggghhh” feeling… Laughing my ass off at that

  13. Jim says:

    Another great show. I look forward to getting a new one every Saturday!

  14. 6GT3 says:

    Adam/Sandy, the LFA weighs only 3200 and costs $375k. And they’re all sold out. I can see how you’d get that wrong tho considering its trendy to trash Toyota/Lexus these days.

    • CarCast says:

      The 3263lbs weight is all over the web, still porky with all its touted technology. Given a Z06 Vet is under 3200 lbs and 250k less, they missed the mark, light weight sure, and I guess they are OK, but over priced and nothing to break a glass about IMO. Maybe I’m expecting too much for 375?


      • Ford Prefect says:

        On paper, the LFA is a disappointment, but Toyota would argue it’s about the “driving experience’. Fifth Gear liked it: (It’s just a lap video; you’d have to download the program for the actual review). I was surprised by how raw and visceral the car appears. Maybe it’s one of those cars you’d have to drive to understand.

        Which makes the silly glass breaking commercial even stranger. Why are they advertising it as a refined car? And why is it a “Lexus”? Historically, Toyota has made some great sports cars. By all rights, it should be a Toyota. Nissan could of branded the GTR as an Infiniti, but common sense prevailed.

        For 375k I’d want some new, exclusive technology. What’s worth 375k? How about a GT3 R Hybrid? (A 276lb KERS flywheel/generator provides a 160hp boost to the front wheels). They’ve let some European auto journalists drive it. Maybe you could get your hands on it when it comes over here? (On the way to/from China, I suppose.)

        • 6GT3 says:

          The Z06/ZR1 is faster than a lot of expensive exotics, not just the LFA…

          For what its worth, the LFA outperforms the Mclaren SLR in every measurable performance category at a relative bargain price… ~$125k cheaper.

          Love the show guys.

          • CarCast says:

            Mclaren SLR is another that I find gaudy and out of proportions. Being nice I would say LFA Bad, to SLR Worse, but the LFA does have a nice sounding motor and that’s something that I will give a sold for. I would Audi R8 over all of them ;)


  15. Brilliant show, listened to it and then came here to watch the video :-) great work! keep ut the lord’s work

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