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Zach Levi

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz sit down with Zach Levi car enthusiast and star of ‘Chuck’ on NBC. Adam and Zach chat about the mess at the Long Beach Celebrity Race and they are in agreement that they should have both won the race. The folks at Lexus decide that Zach was not worthy to have an LFA in his garage, and more LFA smack talk ensues. Don’t miss this week’s awesome guest Zach Levi and the one year anniversary of CarCast.

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Episode Video

Zach Levi’s Nissan GTR

Zach Blowing a shift, and keeping cool!

Zach getting tangled up with Adam (Zach’s In Car Camera)

Adam, Brian and Zach Split Screen

Pass on Yellow…Never!

26 Responses to “Zach Levi”

  1. ikediamonds says:

    That GTR is beautiful. Adam’s 100% right about those rims

  2. nater says:

    Get it on! Nice car there and would be happy to afford one. However, it’s styling seems an afterthought.

  3. Ford Prefect says:

    “NRD HRD”: Nerd Herd? Huh, what? Inside joke?

    Enough with the Hollywood Actors. You are 1 degree of separation away from the hottest chick in the world. Now I bet *she* could get an LF-A… Mr. Toyoda himself would hand deliver it. Yeah, let’s do that. Next sausage-free Car Cast, Akio Toyoda and Megan Fox discuss the LF-A.

    I wouldn’t say the GTR styling is an afterthought, just subdued, which is cool. If it weren’t for the distinctive roof-line, I’d say it’s a Sleeper car.

    • Dante says:

      “Nerd Herd” is a reference to his NBC show “Chuck”, he plays a Spy whose cover is the head of a tech support team at an electronics store.

      Kinda surprised they didn’t have Zach as a guest on the daily show.

  4. jcatjake says:

    paddle shift? gay.

  5. Scott says:

    There’s a problem with the file – stops at 31 minutes and change, cutting Adam off mid-sentence.

    • CarCast says:

      Looks good in the player on the site as well as on my iTunes download. You might have had an Ultranet glitch happen while downloading the show. You can pull it again if you need, or hit the on-site player should be good.

      Here is the link for the download page (You have to do the right click to save or mac equiv…)

      Hope this gets you going.


      • Scott says:

        Weird. I tried the on-site player, and got the same result, then tried re-downloading from the link with the exact same problem. Then I shut down chrome, started firefox and download via that browser with no trouble. Not sure what the issue is as I use chrome to get the show every week.

        Anyway, thanks for your response Sandy, and as always thanks for the Carcast.


  6. Shorter says:

    Great show, as almost always. I do think that the picture of the Vette is a ZR1, not a Z06…

  7. Grace says:

    I listen to Adam Carolla & Parent Experiment – – I’m a chick who also loves the show “Chuck” and Zac Levi. I was so excited to hear the promo for this podcast – thanks! :)

  8. Wrenhour says:

    The LFA is Japan’s way of showing what can be done. Who cares what it cost? They didn’t when they designed and built it, so whomever purchases one shouldn’t either. This car appears to have taken automotive engineering for the public to the current limit. They have truly built something far beyond what is necessary to acheive similar results, however, not really as I believe this is the ultimate expression of Japanese Automotive Engineering. Exactly what it is meant to be. That being said, I’ll take a Muira any day.

    • CarCast says:

      The point was that what they did is mediocre by today’s 400k price tag range and they really did not do anything that breaks that car out other then it’s expensive. That’s the main point, it has a nice engine, look can be take it or leave it, but other then that what? Audi R8 better looking IMO way better value, and performance with a bit of work right in there and with the extra 200k I can buy a Porsche GT3 and have some gas money. And yeah, the Muira hands down.

  9. Walfish says:

    Am I the only one that is experiencing horrible audio on both the podcast and the video when the guys go out to see Zach’s car? Sounds like it was recorded with an iPhone from the position of the camera. I have to hold the laptop to my face to even hear the audio, which is then being drowned out by the fan.

  10. Jason says:

    Why can’t I download the podcast files using Feedburner anymore? I have to stream it live and that sucks!

    • CarCast says:

      Jason –

      How are you pulling it from feedburner (What software?). We are consolidating all our podcast show feeds on a new content network and about the only thing that has changed is the odd url (which might be your issue). Let me know and I can see what’s up.


  11. Tyler Durden says:

    Hey Adam / Sandy,

    I saw this ad on CraigsList for a 1970 Datsun 1600 for $2.5k.

    Thought you might be interested.

    Love your shows and all that you guys do!!!

  12. Kristina says:

    I’m here because I heard Adam mention the episode during his podcast. Thanks for doing a full show with Zach. I didn’t get enough of him from that Long Beach Grand Prix show earlier this year. “NRD HRD,” love it. LOL

  13. Chip says:

    Check out this awesome opening for the movie “Grand Prix” from 1966. Saul Bass did the opening credits. Such style, such sophistication.

  14. Jimmy B. says:

    I love “CarCast” and “Chuck,” but I must point out that the American Z06 Corvette is certainly the “go for dough” winner – not the GTR. Even the godless, Bimmer loving, commies at “Car and Driver” pointed it out in one of their comparisons. Anyway, keep up the excellent work!

  15. captain ham says:

    great job guys. love the star filter on the video Donny. Zach seems like a straight up nice guy. still think you guys could carry an hour long weekly tv show.

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