1958 Thunderbird ‘Mexican Blackbird’


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1958 Thunderbird ‘Mexican Blackbird’

Billy Gibbons is not only an epic musician, but also an avid hot rodder and car collector. He has over 50 cars in his collection, but today he brings us his Black and Gold Mexican Blackbird. This started live out as a 1958 Thunderbird and So-Cal Speed Shop transformed it into something a bit more flashy for Billy.

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Billy Gibbons Mexican Blackbird

8 Responses to “1958 Thunderbird ‘Mexican Blackbird’”

  1. george says:

    Awesome car. Billy rocks! Thank you guys for another great show. ( the video is dark…if I can say that)

    • CarCast says:

      Yeah, something went worng. I think we just started with a new HD Camera and it may not at all be working or set up right. Everyone has a blue halo like white balance issue. But it may just be on the compression side. I’ll have a look with Jeff and fix this up.


  2. JB says:

    Bet you get a lot of tush driving downtown with that thing!

  3. Stimpy says:

    Way, way cool. I loved how all the people back in the garage couldn’t help but stare. Please have Billy come back with the Eliminator!

  4. Greg Birch says:

    Sign me up for the CarCast white jump suit. XL please.


  5. tony says:

    On the guy who pulls up next to him and bitches about the scoop. He could have easily replied “I’m ZZ fucking top man – go F yourself.”! Also on that note, I’m no expert on birds but it looks like this ones on the floor. Again accenting the lack of scoop. I 100% agree the car works. The lime is killer. And you don’t have to watch the vid, I just threw the pics on slide show while I listened to the podcast. Good work.

  6. heap of tears says:

    Great show. The T Bird is very nice. Billy is a super nice guy. I have had the pleasure of talking with him. Very genuine person.
    Adam so laid back on the Car Cast. Refreshing. Need to catch up on Car Cast : )

  7. Mark says:

    so cool, Billy seems like he was really involved with the Bird and not just one of those celebs that has a shop drop off a done car….. and he’s such a cool cat, it’s taco time. Makes me wish you had more b-roll of the stories told over tacos.

    great job guys.

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