David Borla : Borla Exhaust


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David Borla : Borla Exhaust

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz visit with David Borla of Borla Exhaust. We jump on the phone with the president of the Concorso Italiano, Tom McDowell for some conversation on what’s happening at this years show. Check out the X-Games Super Rally video with Tanner Foust and Professor Ganz in the 2011 Ford Fiesta car. Enjoy the Show!

For more information about the Borla Exhaust Products check out the site here www.Borla.com

To get more information on the upcoming Concorso Italiano check out the site here www.Concorso.com

And to check out more of Tanner’s antics check out his site here Tanner Foust

Lastly, Special thanks to Ford Performance for letting the Professor Ride Along with Tanner. Check out all the great Ford Performance Products and videos right here Ford Performance

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Episode Video

David Borla’s R32 Volkswagen

Sandy Ganz rides with Tanner Foust

Extra Video

For a couple of other short X Game Videos Check Here CarCast Video Section

16 Responses to “David Borla : Borla Exhaust”

  1. Chase Peck says:

    Another great show Sandy. I posted this up for you on an R32 enthusiast forum. Here’s the link.


  2. Chris says:

    Thank you for another great show. Please look into getting your programming on Roku player like Leo Laporte has done. The Roku box allows viewing of web content on your tv. It would make for an even better experience.

    • CarCast says:

      I have the development kit and it did not look that difficult but I’m hammered as it is. I might have to get back on that project as it looks like a simple platform to develop on.


  3. Ford Prefect says:

    Orange hat day at the old garage?

    The other performance exhaust brand would be “Magnaflow”. That’s probably why no one could recall it. It’s not a real name, like “Borla”, “Dunlop” or “Hurst”. It’s just some made-up advertising word.

    Re. “Old Yeller”, for a real “brown note” experience, you should go up to the Reno Air Races. Those engines will literally scare the crap out of you.

    Concorso seems fun, and reasonably priced. (I noticed they don’t check your parentage, like other events.) The Fiat sponsorship gave me an idea. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to elevate the “buying experience”. It would be fun to take delivery of a new car at an event like this. You could grant the privilege to those that preorder the first one hundred Fiat 500′s in America, say. The cars would be displayed as show cars, with the placards and the whole bit.

    X games: I think there’s room in the market for a 600 hp rally supercar (but with soundproofing, and all the amenities). It’s a little bit silly, because no one would actually drive it on dirt, and on the tarmac it would “spin all 4 tires” as Borla said. But it would be fun, and definitely not boring. If I were rich and stupid, that’s what I’d buy.

  4. Ellis says:

    Another great show guys! Keep em’ coming.
    Cool J.C. Whitney reference, Professor, old school badass. Capristo also has an electronically actuated system. A definite necessity for my next car – 95′ F-355 Spyder! (level 3 of course – for that pure F1 sound)

  5. Chris from FL says:

    Ford, you may or may not buy a 600 hp Fiesta with a 2 liter that’s good for somewhere between 20 minutes and an hour of driving, but I doubt that’s a marketable product. Even the rich and stupid ask for a longer life from a motor.

    [Edited by Admin, post too long and off topic, and the 600hp Fiesta is a RACE CAR and it's live expectancy is expected to be limited. Again NOT a production car, not sure that the video couldn't have been anymore obvious]


    • Ford Prefect says:

      Sandy, not sure if part of your comment is addressed to me or not. Just to clarify, I think a supercar with rally pretensions would sell. Think of a $200,000 WRX or Evo with a strengthened chassis, turbo v6, carbon fiber, a roll cage, etc., geared for around 140 mph top speed. Something totally impractical on the track and street, yes. But fun. Actually, I think there is a high-end WRX available in Japan, but IIRC the mods are mostly cosmetic. What I’d like is something designed from scratch. Again, *if* I were rich and stupid…

      Off topic: I think Chris’ other comments about the decline of the modern intellect are addressed in Jose Ortega’s “The Revolt of the Masses”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Revolt_of_the_Masses . It’s a good read.

      • CarCast says:

        Nope, comments were from Chris who missed the point of the racing aspects of the car and conversation and core dumped his life store here (off topic).

        And 200k would be too much, I’m sure you could get someone to set it up for much less then that but remember that car manufacturers need to sell cars and it’s always difficult for limited production things to actually get done.


  6. rj says:

    10 minutes on a cul-de-sac…lol

  7. john says:

    60 pounds of boost!

  8. ttamnoswad says:

    That transverse mount exchange was torture to listen to……….how can the guy not know that his engine and all VWs are transverse mounted……Not including air cooled of course.

    Would it have killed that guy to put on a t-shit with a big Borla logo for the video segment?

    Was researching the R32 a while back and learned that the 4wd drive VW cars have a conventional fwd transmission to which is bolted a Haldex brand viscous coupling at the transmission, then a long drive shaft to the rear differential. Fwd based Awd drive cars don’t have a traditional transfer case or center differential and actually mostly operate in fwd mode until there is a significant amount of slip in the front wheels, and only then do the rear wheels receive power. Your moistly driving around with the fwd……thus I didn’t get one, oh that, and the fact that I couldn’t afford one.

    Funny/ironic that it was a monster energy drink car that ended the Tanner video.

  9. Blain says:

    The CarCast show is pure and true to its roots.
    The only show on “the network” still worth downloading.
    Please don’t tweak the format of this show…
    Let it remain a virgin.

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