Kelley Styring : What’s In your Car?


Kelley Styring : What’s In your Car?

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz get busy with consumer researcher Kelley Styring to talk about her 30-day, 5,800-mile cross-country odyssey to study what Americans carry in their vehicles. Kelley then give Adam and Sandy’s cars the same scrutinizing as done in the study and gives them each a ranking on how bad their cars really are. The featured car this with is Sandy’s 1966 Sunbeam Tiger. Enjoy the Show!

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What’s In Adam and Sandy’s car

Sandy’s 1966 Sunbeam Tiger

23 Responses to “Kelley Styring : What’s In your Car?”

  1. Rob says:

    What the hell did you guys think when you watched the video and saw her stuffing Adam’s money in her 104 degree sweat soaked bra?

  2. pdx97 says:

    Jesus christ, let adam finish a goddam thought.

  3. george says:

    there’s nothing like a good spirited and funny woman.

  4. Steve says:

    Can honestly say this was the first Carcast I stopped listening to half way through. Terrible guest and topic. She seemed very professional and accomplished, but I highly doubt anyone is listening to this podcast for updates on market research. This was a huuuuge stretch as far as topics go.

  5. Dave says:

    This podcast did seemed sub-par compared to the usual show because who cares about market research into cup holders or what’s in peoples cars. They may had trouble booking a real guest but It was kind of saved by Sandy’s Tiger. That was the only bright spot. Keep up the good work boys and post that video for Pebble.

  6. Ford Prefect says:

    Is the Rahal video on Motorator new to the site? If so, you should put it on the scrolling marquee so people don’t miss it. Agreed about the Evora — it’s a few tweaks away from being bad-ass. Right now it’s stuck between being pretty and aggressively muscular, which is confusing.

    About seat gaps, why don’t they put some foam there to stop stuff falling through? Or a flexible rubber skirt, like they have on CD slots? Radios without knobs are another problem — an analog setting should have an analog interface. I don’t buy Kelley’s argument that car companies only improve things to increase sales. First, in some cases they’re going backwards, making things worse, viz. Adam’s favorite, the highbeam switch. And second, good engineers strive for perfection. Left alone, they’ll find a way to do it right without increasing costs. The problem has to be company politics.

    Kelley would be great for a morning show (very upbeat, talks a mile a minute), but at any moment I was expecting you to cut to Al Roker for the weather. Maybe you should double up on the slightly off-topic guests — one alone is not enough to carry the show. The Santa Claus napkins and Frosty the Snowman CD suggest the video was shot a while ago, so maybe this was a throw-away episode.

    Other ideas for quickie shows: How about a Carcast w/ an audience? Go down to Bob’s Bigboy and just hang out. (If Sambo’s were still open, I’d suggest you go there instead and do the show in black face.) Or just drive. Top gear had a series of James May driving to work, which was surprisingly interesting.

    I don’t really want to broach the subject, but are there laws or union rules which restrict what you can do? How large can a project be before someone starts asking for permits and insurance?

  7. fred says:

    I thought she was an interesting guest with a limited subject.. Her personality pulled it through

  8. CY says:

    Ace, you always talk about how hot your black car with black leather interior gets in LA. Obviously, don’t get the black interior next time. Doh!. Also, dude, get a two year lease next time. you should not be driving the same car for that long.

    • Mike says:

      That’s a good point, another reason he should get a shorter lease as it will make it even easier to get away with not putting the plates on again..

  9. colby says:

    One thing I think is always overlooked is loose cargo. That stuff flying around during an accident is not safe. Suv’s and mini vans should come with some kind of cargo barrier.

  10. Brady says:

    Hey, although this cast was not the typical type that you do, I enjoyed it. Seemed like book could be interesting. good change of pace.

  11. Brian says:

    I thought this was a very interesting car cast. I love to see the “behind the scenes” of how cars are designed. I always thought it would be cool to be able to stand up through the sunroof and control the car using a small joystick that you suction cup to the roof.

  12. Buster Heiman says:

    I must be insane, but I do not eat in my car, EVER! And the thing is spotless! No trash! I think this woman is just accepting that the majority of society are pigs! And from the look of her, that broad is not cooking lean cuisine on her dash, chowing down double quarter pounders!

  13. faze says:

    she was the first person I think I ever heard that was able to cut in on adam talking…her personality was almost as strong as his…quite funny.

  14. matt says:

    An interesting episode, but totally different from the usual.

    The videos as always though, is poor. At some points Sandy’s face is just one giant pixelated blur. Please guys, change up the hosting, plenty of other good options out there.

  15. Chris says:

    I love the show and I’m a huge fan…but man, as others have said, that was B R U T A L! Way too boring. Keep up the great work though, I look forward to every episode.

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