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Wayne Dempsey Pelican Parts

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz chat with Wayne Dempsey from Pelican Parts. Wayne brings us a tale of stolen Porsche racing engines and a million dollar tale of how they were recovered. Then we check out Cleto’s 1949 Chevrolet Deluxe and how Jimmy Kimmel help get it going. Enjoy the Show!

For more information about Pelican Parts Click Here www.PelicanParts.com

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Episode Video

Wayne Dempsey’s 914

1949 Chevy Deluxe

Jay J Armes

14 Responses to “Wayne Dempsey Pelican Parts”

  1. colby says:

    Growing up JJ Arms was a real life super hero.

  2. jcatjake says:

    cheap 901s in nor cal!
    can i have a finders fee?

  3. Jim Smith says:

    The download is last weeks Borla show…can you fix that?

    • CarCast says:

      Jim –

      That’s only on the Download page. It’s fixed. All others and the feed are correct. BTW the link on this page is also a way to get the show if you ever need to.


  4. captain ham says:

    that cleto looks like a real nice guy and super nice car. you guys are working that star filter. love it. great show once again.

    • CarCast says:

      The Cleto’s were great, and really nice of them to bring out the car. ‘Star Filter’ hahaha, that is way out of the show budget. It was just a really bright day and the sun just hit the lens right, so no star filter.

  5. Jerad says:

    Anyone else not able to see the videos? “JJ armes” is the only one I see on the page, tried three browsers, Firefox Safari and Chrome. The others look like a white box to me.

  6. matt says:

    Any chance you guys would ever use a different video delivery service? Seems like motorator lags a lot and the video quality is sub-par for todays internet standards. Vimeo offers a great player and really (HD quality) videos.

    Other than that guys, great stuff yet again.

  7. ttamnoswd says:

    Carpet dash pad?

    btw….videos working fine on 1 1/2 yr old macbook/safari.

  8. Fidel says:


    Glad to have had a brief chat with you at Pebble Beach. Looking forward to the Carcast featuring PN and vintage racing.

    Quick question. As a 24 year old making,well,what a 24 year old usually makes, what would be my options for a vintage daily driver? Or is that way out of my league and I should just stick to the more modern cars like a 2006 M3 or say a 2008 mini Cooper?

    Would be great o hear your thouughts on this

  9. BrianK says:

    Loved the story of the stolen engines. Great guest!

  10. Hahahahahahaha, this politics related YouTube video is in fact so comical, I loved it. Thanks in support of sharing this.

  11. Thomas says:

    I have 99 BMW need vanos seal avanced

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