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Rob Dickinson

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz bring you a peek at the Singer Porsche and its creator Rob Dickinson. If you like the 911′s you will love this car and it might be considered the ultimate 911. Enjoy the Show!

Check out Rob’s site with a ton more information on the Singer 911

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Rob Dickinson’s Singer 911 Video

31 Responses to “Rob Dickinson”

  1. Keith says:

    WOW! Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick I want that car!!!

  2. Ian says:

    Hey guys. Love car cast and all the fancy cars and interviews but you guys should do a few segments about cars that the average guy(loser) can afford. I know you have done some stuff on more affordable cars of the last 5 years or so
    but I was thinking a little more vintage(cheap).

    Maybe highlight some cheap craigslist specials like I’ve seen such as: $2000-$6000 944′s, $500 and up bmw’s of all kinds, Nissan 240z’s 60′s 80′s even some of the 1980′s 300zx’s are cool(around ’87 with the wheel wells and t-tops baby) and the 90′s 240sx is a great looking and driving car if “massaged a little bit” (I’m biased I drive one).

    Honda prelude’s are a nice car despite the ricer reputation and can be found very nice and cheap in Minnesota at least, and let’s not forget the affordable classic the RX-7 . Anyways love the show and banter just the way it is but it would be cool to hear your guy’s opinions on more attainable sports/classic cars, or hear a little more about the cars that started you guys out. Thanks

    • Wrenhour says:

      Ian. The only problem with the $2-6k 944 is that it’s just about ready to fall apart. Really. I’ve seen it many times with friends who have thought the same as you. I agree with you though. They haven’t done the investment cars segment in a while either have they?

      Would be fun to focus on how the average dude can get into cars. The problem is that it’s just got expensive for everyone regardless of what you’re trying to do.

  3. Greg says:

    This has to be one of the best episodes yet. Great stuff, awesome car and a good interviewee. I almost spat out my coffee when he said he lives on the street in Sherman Oaks. I hope you get a chance to go film at his place in Burbank.

  4. JMills says:

    Great episode as usual. When I saw the orange SInger on Autoblog a while back, it was love at first sight. I think this is the most perfect car I have ever seen, love it to death. Every detail is perfect.

  5. Matt says:

    Rob was such a pleasure to meet. And photos don’t do this car justice. The fit and finish truly is OEM quality. Everything on the car has been touched, but you’d think it came that way. If you are a Porsche fan (especially if you’ve owned a 70′s era 911) and get a chance to see the Singer Porsche in person, you’ll be blown away.

  6. Dave says:

    This is why I am a fan of Icon and singer, they take an existing design and just tweek it enough so it looks cool and the attention to detail is everything. And they also remind me why I hate places like West Coast customs where they don’t have a good design philosophy–unless you like gold chains and teeth.

    • Wrenhour says:

      I agree Dave. To each his own I guess. These and the Icons are something any real car nut who is detail and design oriented would just lust after. What awesome machines.

  7. I’ll take one in Tangerine, please. Deposit may take some time to arrange, but I’m sold. Big fan of Rob’s music (Catherine Wheel) as well.

  8. Ford Prefect says:

    The song remains the same…

    Most of us can’t afford a 911 (either new or properly restored), but a 944 seems in reach. That three liter inline-4 always appealed to me. Now, how to make it reliable?

    Good show. It’s always interesting to learn about another’s ideal of perfection. I’m not really a 911 fan, but I appreciate the zeal.

    RM/PM: spending your last dime on car with crank windows.

  9. big jim says:

    I was just thinking, “Wow, these cats do a number of podcasts each day of the week, and here they knock out one for Saturday. Dang if these men aren’t pros!”
    But then I remembered how much you guys love cars. And then it hit me: CarCast isn’t extra work for Ace, the Professor, or the Weez. It’s like a vacation, the perfect excuse to get out of the house, ditch the wives & kids, and do one of their favorite things: wrench on some sweet cars and check out some of the most amazing automobiles in the world.
    Well played, guys. Love the show!

  10. Mark says:

    Oh wow… the gallery of photos really shows off some of the details that don’t come through in the video.

    what an impressive car.

  11. JMills says:

    He’s the Rob Dickinson from Catherine Wheel? That is wild, I was big fan of them when I was in high school, thought the name sounded familiar.

  12. superunknownman says:

    huge Catherine Wheel fan and knew Rob was a 911 guy, so nearly jumped out of my skin when i saw this episode pop up. awesome. The car is amazing and a perfect episode. (useless factoid- Rob is the cousin of iron Maiden lead singer, bruce dickinson)

    • punkvideo says:

      I was thinking about Bruce Dickinson/Iron Maiden when I heard that name, too! Awesome. I had a picture of the Orange Singer 911 as my screen saver and didn’t even know it until I saw this! Great car, but Rob’s gotta relocate that gas filler, that would make me super anxious at every fill up.

  13. camaroz1985 says:

    Sorry Adam, but Subaru does have a very definitive sound.

  14. Nick says:

    CamaroZ is right, the raspy gurlgle boxer 6 from the subaru STI with stock exhaust is quite recognizable.

    Any other Japanese car he would’ve had a point, just managed to choose the ONE brand that is otherwise lol.

  15. Kostandinos says:

    Very impressed. Really cool to get an inside look into your 911 obsession… well-justified, I might add! Still looking forward to your next album where I’m sure your attention to detail will be just as unrivaled.

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