Singer 911 Porsche


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Singer 911 Porsche

Rob Dickinson brings in his creation of the ultimate 911. The Singer 911 Porsche grew out of a desire to have the vintage air cooled 911 mystique with the modern treatment in technology. At the car’s core is carbon fiber, meticulous styling, an engine that sings along at over 8,000 RPM which make this package about as good as you can get. Nothing left to chance with the styling, handling or engine package in this car. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did here at CarCast!

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Rob Dickinson’s Singer 911

7 Responses to “Singer 911 Porsche”

  1. The Singer Porsche is one of the cleanest 911 I ever seen. I saw this work of art at the Palos Verdes Concours 2010.
    Once I get to the car the more you stair at it the more things you find. I would leave look at other cars and come right
    back then look at other car and come right back! Adams 911 is clean also!

  2. 831Doug says:

    Wow! That Singer Porsche is flat out awesome! Adam was heaping on the praise, and rightly so.

    • CarCast says:

      We are hyper critical of cars, and we looked for our nits and about the only thing we could say is that we can’t afford one ;) We need to make some more money here at CarCast as I would love to have a Singer Porsch-a! It was hot.


  3. 1999 mazda miata mono posto concept

  4. Ryan says:

    Great to finally see a review of the Singer. I can only imagine the hours poured into determining the perfect choice for each Porsche detail. I can’t wait to see a test drive review. I can only hope the quality/engineering in this car is as perfect as the design.

  5. Henrik says:


    In all simplicity, You the man. The japanese have a saying “ochi ochi beioki” wich means I goto have that or else i will f******g die. That sums it up.

    Your Fan forever

    Henrik K

  6. brad dupee says:

    a very, very cool effort SVD. wishing you the best in your business.

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