Lexus LFA


Lexus LFA

Paul Rohovsky of Lexus shows off his company’s flagship car, the LFA. We check out the car and not only do we get to hear it’s musical V10 engine, Adam ventures with Paul for a ride around the block.

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Quick Link to the Paul Rohovsky – Lexus Podcast

Lexus LFA Images

Lexus LFA Video

Lexus LFA at the Shop

Adam’s Quick Test Drive

11 Responses to “Lexus LFA”

  1. JD says:

    That was REALLY cool! Nice camera installation Donny! Would love to see (and hear!) more test drives just like this one. Great editing – working in the exterior shots. Really gave the viewer an excellent feel for what it would be like to drive one of only two LFA’s in the whole GD country! Adam you lucky bastard!


    • CarCast says:

      I did the suction cup mount, it was a last minute deal, Paul asked if Adam wanted to take a spin so I grabbed a ContourHD stuck it on the inside of the windshield. The Camera work that Paul did while riding with Adam didn’t come out, too much movement. The other trick was the rake of the windshield was laid back pretty far so we mounted the camera upside down and flipped the video in editing.

      We will do the test drives when we can, the are fun when the come out like this.

      Special thanks to Jeff Fox for his editing work!


  2. jack says:

    Liked the tool segment Sandy. What a monster of a car? You could not own that here in Boston.

  3. Rrrrr says:

    Finally! Getting Adam to test drive the cars while he makes his great observations.

    Great job too!

  4. Billy says:


    I think its time for a video camera upgrade. 720p would be much better.

    • Christopher says:

      donate one from your massive collection.

    • CarCast says:

      They are 720p and the problem is that most people can’t download video at HD speeds. So what we have is highly compressed for that reason. Soon, the player will have the option of slow-quality and high quality so the videos will get better. Hey, but they look great here…


  5. Joe says:

    Great car! Great episode. The only thing that would’ve made it better, is if Adam drove to Zackery’s house.

  6. vince says:

    that car is absolutely amazing! sent chills up my spine just hearing the revving of the motor….
    good stuff and keep it coming. more test drives of these hot cars!

  7. Jason says:

    Love the grin in Ace’s face when he gets on it, we are all 10 years old I love it!

  8. bob says:

    Adam, you need to do all the test driving(adsolutely) and keep Mr Taco’s out of the Vehicles!

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