Los Angeles Auto Show 2010


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Los Angeles Auto Show 2010

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz make their way down to the Los Angeles Auto Show. Some of the pitstops include Ford, Jaguar, Porsche, BMW and others. We wrap up with this weeks tool tech tip with “Pop Rivets and You”. Enjoy the show!

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Stanley Pop Rivet Guns

Pop Brand Gun from Speedway Motors

Cleco Kit from Speedway Motors

**Pictures of tech tool segment are on the last page of the image gallery

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Episode Videos

L.A. Auto Show 2010 Part 1

L.A. Auto Show 2010 Part 2

Tech Tool Tip – Pop Rivets and You

31 Responses to “Los Angeles Auto Show 2010”

  1. Erle says:

    Awesome job guys.
    Thanks so much to who ever finally decided to improve on the video quality

    Looks fantastic

  2. Jellosaurus says:

    I Guess I am Thankful this year for HQ full screen videos.
    Great Job Guys.

    Have a nice drive

  3. Euclid says:

    Hey Ford marketing guy. It’s a twin scroll turbo, not twin turbo. :)

    • Wrenhour says:

      Thanks for the clarification on this Euclid. Sounded suspicous and over the top for a two liter engine. Regardless it seems like an excellent car worth serious consideration if looking for a hot hatch. By the time it gets here, the Alfa Mito 5 door or Giulietta may be on it’s way here as well. The U.S. will finally be getting some world car hot hatches…very exciting.

  4. CY says:

    Psyched. Been waiting for this show all year

  5. Ford Prefect says:

    I was wondering about the scatter problem too. Maybe whatever is spinning around in there is very brittle, and basically turns into dust when it fails? I don’t know if that’s possible though.

    When/if KERS becomes a commercial technology, the Hot Rodders are going to have field day. I’m really excited about this technology. Remember the Evil Knievel motorcycle that you revved up with handle? (An early form of KERS) Well, I never got one.

    Can’t wait for the rest of the videos, especially “Pop Rivets and You”.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      Another thing… (sorry, always forget something):

      IMO, the Cayman is the best car Porsche makes, yet it’s marketed as an entry-level or “chick’s car”. BTW, I’m disappointed that Adam did not recommend a Cayman to Jill Wagner. There’s something about hot chicks and Porsches: “Miss Christina drives a 944… Welcome, welcome to the boomtown…”

      Yeah, the Cayman is kind of cute, but with some fender flares, a bigger engine, tires & brakes, ground effects, etc. no one would be laughing. THAT is the car is saving my pennies for. The R model is a step in the right direction, but they’re still sandbagging.

      • CarCast says:

        Same all could be said for the Boxer, however the big problem with both of the cars is they lack a bit of the DUDE factor. That is, check this out this engine… wait you can’t without a lot of work undoing a bunch of panels and things.

        The Cayman is a bit froggy looking to me and when all said and done hit a used 911 for what Porsche is all about. The Boxster is better looking then the Cayman IMO and I’m not a huge fan of the rag top, and the Boxsters can be had for a song these days. Nice handling cars, and lots of parts for ‘hooping’ them up.

        And your right Porsche can’t step on their own feet ;)


      • Peter D says:

        My only problem with the look of the Cayman is the central exhaust pipe. It looks like a cat’s a**hole.

  6. Paul says:

    Great job on the video finally can viewiton my iPhone
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Greg Birch says:

    What! no Mini countryman bashing? (which I think it deserves) thanks for the photos. Thoughts on Mini and the direction BMW is going with the brand?



    • CarCast says:

      We didn’t have enough time to get with the Mini-BMW-Cooper folks. When all said and done I’m only OK with the mini’s of today. Oddly proportioned and I don’t much like the interior.


      • Greg Birch says:

        I drove about 10 different models of differing years last month, the 2007 and later base cooper seemed to drive the closest to the classic, still quick, nimble and felt tighter and lighter than even the S version (just not as fast) really, I’m not gay.

        • CarCast says:

          Yeah, but it’s nothing like the Original Mini. I look at Donny’s all the time and just can’t get behind it, looks odd. Not like the orig. Then I think, hey, might as well just pick any front wheel drive mini-car when all said and done. So the BMW-Mini is a nothing good or bad, has a bit of character but not much more for me. I do hate the interior of the car, but they have made some improvements in that area. You know how I am…


  8. nope says:

    Adam is drinking wine ! ha ha Too bad the Lamborghini and the Ferrari were not there.

  9. Aaron K. says:

    AWESOME! Great HD quality. This is great. Great job guys!

  10. shane says:

    There has never been a person on a podcast look more exactly like they sound than the professor. I think after the first time I heard his voice I could have drawn an exact picture of him. Excellent job Ganz.

  11. ttamnoswad says:


    You need to get yourself one of those Bob Barker / Prics is right microphones with the long stem!

  12. jerry says:

    this is better than top gear usa

    • hJ says:

      This is better than a lot of Top Gear UK’s recent stuff also where they barely seem to squeeze in more than 10 minutes of car content from a 60 minute show.

      Oh, and the Merc SLR is a supercharged V8. You should know this stuff Sandy!

      • CarCast says:

        The stats are all Adams ;) If you want me to take it apart I can do that part of it. I guess I’ll have to get a subscription to one of the Car mags that feature those fancy cars now…


      • CarCast says:

        BTW HJ the SLR is NOT Supercharged as you originally thought. We have one here and is 560hp+ without the blower.


  13. Dave says:

    Great show guys, I was waiting for this show when I saw Adam on Fast Lane Daily. I think you and Sandy would be great on Top Gear USA. I like Top Gear USA but the chemistry between the hosts just isn’t there. I still don’t like the Porsche Panamera but I do like the new Cayman. It’s 9 O’clock on the east coast and part 2 still isn’t posted. Come on guys, get on it. j/k. Love the show.

  14. zen says:

    No way that shit is coming out with aluminum hats and two piece rotors. Not unless they’re going to be selling them for 135i money.

  15. Mz says:

    awesome! vids in hd finally woohoo!

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