Carolla and Ganz taking your calls


Carolla and Ganz taking your calls


Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz pick up the phone and take listener calls. The Ripper rehash, motor in and out, what up with it? Well Sandy gives the update on the state of the engine. Adam’s Lamborghini Miura needs an oil change and discuss getting ripped off on oil filters. Then they jump right into phone calls. After a nice session of phone calls the Professor jumps in with this weeks Carcast’s Tech Tool Tip “Rear End Tools and You” where the Professors shows some needed tools for building up a Ford 9″ with tools you can make yourself, including a work stand that will hold the 9″ drop out section in a conventional engine stand.

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19 Responses to “Carolla and Ganz taking your calls”


    Hi listening from sweden, love the show where you take calls, more of the please!

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks for droping this for christmas morning. It’s just like christmas.

  3. SD003 says:

    Hi Sandy can you please list your source for the universal pinion yoke plate. Great show keep up the good work.

  4. Flatulator says:

    My holiday gas sounds like Adam’s Lamborghini starting up.

  5. Dave says:

    Happy Holidays to all the CarCast crew, keep up the good work. Did Adam add any new cars to his collection? It looked like her was lusting after Rob’s 911, any chance you going to order one, Adam?

  6. cheflarz says:

    Hey Howdy,
    Just feel like telling ya’ll thanks for this show. I am not especially into cars per say, but have always appreciated the the high art that the best examples represent.
    I will leave you with just one suggestion. Make available the welding jacket Sandy sports in ever increasing frequency with the Car Cast logo for sale. I’m sure if anyone could sell a high end merchandise Carolla Incorporated could. Stay Gold – Larz

  7. jcatjake says:

    I’ve been digging the show. More calls please. ahh the crazy bmw e36 m3 purple, techno-violet! I can think of a few killer $5k cars. I got my e28 “survivor” for $2k (’88 535is in “cinnabar-rot”) still goin strong. Love that german vinyl, leather and horsehair smell!

  8. Grahaminator says:

    Great cast! I found this to be the best Oil reservoir saves my garage and drive way. It works good for both my C5 corvettes and F250 king ranch. Best part it holds 15 gallons and you can pump out the oil. I just use a 5 gallon plastic gas can to transport the oil to any oil reclaim place.

  9. Ford Prefect says:

    I would have asked Adam if he ever considered putting air bags in some of his classic cars. There must be a market for this, and it might even be cost effective, depending on the cost of life insurance (not to mention the personal benefits). On the other hand, if you don’t drive the car a lot, it wouldn’t make sense from a risk/reward perspective. Another problem is: who would insure the air bag installer? It’s probably yet another business made impossible by lawyers.

  10. Jim says:

    Hi, I’m a home builder and can fix just about anything but as far as auto work, I’m limited to oil and spark plugs, light jobs. These tool and tech tips are great. Even if I never actually do a job like this, I can put a value on the amount of effort it takes. Helps so as not to get screwed by a mechanic. Thanks much and Happy New Year.

  11. StevexjetE46M3 says:

    Just finished Ben Collin’s, aka The Stig, book. Great read for everyone who’s interested in the behind the scene action on Top Gear UK. Not suggesting that Adam picks up a book, but Sandy and Donnie might get a kick out of it. If Ben comes to the States for a tour, he would seem to make a great guest for a podcast.

  12. Rixcivilian says:


    I think you guys gave the best answer to the fellow looking to “swap in” a manual in the ’94 Grand Cherokee. I don’t recall ever seeing a manual in one of these trucks, so it would definitely be a fabrication-heavy endeavor. There is no source for bolt-in pedals and factory trans mounts, as far as I know. It would certainly be do-able be also certainly not for a guy without a high degree of skills.

    As always, I enjoyed the show. Keep it up. “You’re doing the Lord’s work, here.”

  13. Willem says:

    Someone tell Adam that Mt. Washington is in New Hampshire, not Vermont.

  14. Crazy_Freddy says:

    Awesome to hear hints about the upcoming Speed TV show. Drunk driving, SLS… sounds great.

    But when, WHEN, WHEN will we be able to see Adam, Dan, Matt and John on TV??

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