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Galpin Ford
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Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz take a trip out to Galpin Ford in the Van Nuys. Galpin is Ford’s largest volume dealer with a very interesting past. We meet up with Galpin’s head honcho Beau Boechmann. Beau takes Adam and Sandy for the grand tour of the Galpin ‘Museum’ and Galpin Auto Sport (GAS).

Check out the many photos at the bottom of the posting. The Pictures of The Rippers shifter cover are at the end of the photo on pages 4 and 5.

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Episode Videos

The last 2 videos have never seen before from the vault at CarCast… Well, just some footage that you might enjoy.

Galpin Ford Visit

The Ripper Shift cover FAIL video

CarCast Zapruder Film

29 Responses to “Galpin Ford”

  1. tekatomon says:

    goddamn! those mustangs look gorgeous. Great show Ace & Sandy.

  2. Chris from Lakeland, FL says:

    In the Zapruder film, I saw a single shooter. It was Professor Ganz, in the showroom, with a finger.

    As to Orbitron, I can’t believe you guys haven’t met Iowahawk, especially on one of his trips to LA. He just got back from there, in the last week or two.

    Here’s the story:

    In a terrible update to that story, I believe Iowahawk has posted (since then) that most of the characters in that story have now been killed by the narcos.

  3. mel says:

    hey nice show guys, met and talked to sandy at the new years show at the el portal theater, couldn”t be a nicer guy. Liked the big daddy roth trikes, especially the he drove to alaska. keep up the good work.

    • CarCast says:

      It was a pleasure to me you was well! Good show, next time I may get to watch it ;)


      • Clearly Ganz needs a vacation, or some time off at least! Sheesh, poor guy can’t even type a clear sentence anymore.

        Joking aside, why not post a PayPal donation link on this site as a sort of tip jar(like Leo Laporte does) so we can tip specific members of the Ace Broadcasting crew. For instance I think it’s cool that Ganz always responds to a bunch of these posts every single week even though he’s obviously super busy(just look at his response above, lol). A tip jar would be a nice way for fans like me to say thanks in the form of a small donation. Just a thought.


        • CarCast says:

          I have to stay off the coffee, and when did I ever have a clear sentence!

          Jason – Thanks for the kind words as well. I think we would rather tap the sponsors then the people. We have been working on a few more that will hopefully be as fun as the stuff for Discount Tires.

          Ditto on the Happy New Years!


  4. Ian says:

    Good episode, Galpin Ford is always a favorite. However, you really labeled a ’69 Cougar convertible as a Thunderbird??? Come on, who did you have doing the captioning, Donny?

    • CarCast says:

      I did, and I’ll fix it. Was in a rush to get to the El Portal ;) Will be fixed!


      • Ian says:

        Hey, no worries! The Cougar is one of the greatest under-rated cars of the pony/ muscle era, and unlike its older sibling the Mustang, was never offered with anything with fewer than 8 cylinders (until ’80)! Great show, and keep up the good wrenching.

  5. Mark Mason says:

    Thanks for your podcast I always injoy them
    they make my time go faster and keeps me company
    on the long drive home
    Mark Arlington Wa

  6. ttamnoswad says:


    Just do the tranny hole cover with 16ga. steel first……that will be much easier to bend with or w/o heat.

    THEN cut a rectangular hole in the steel and bolt a thicker piece of aluminum to the flat top area to use as the shifter gate. You could use 1/4 inch piece or even thicker aluminum to get that cool machined gate look.

    Weld some nuts to the bottom of the steel patch panel and you could then use interchangeable aluminum plates bolted in, to accommodate different shift patterns for the future trannys you’ll prob try in that monster.

    From what I remember….6061 and 7075 are too rigid for your original try. There another alloy…forgot which one, a lower numerical # , that is easier to bend and weld up for basic fab stuff that doesn’t have to support a consequential load.

    Btw. I just made up the term…….”consequential load”……but Adam might get a kick out of that one.

    • CarCast says:

      The steel would be better the the T6 aluminum for hammering, but would still be a bit of work. It went very easy with the right aluminum, the 6061-TO is dead soft and bent around the compound curves of the ‘hump’ very easy, it just tough to get that at the metal supply places for some reason. I got it from Aircraft Spruce, a good sized sheet for 40 bucks + about 40 bucks for shipping ;). I think the trick to getting the heat treat out is to heat it, let it cool, then have at it. It was a good FAIL and now I have a couple of sheets of aluminum for other projects.

      And Shift Gate? That’s for Italian Cars, fire proof boot is all that is needed here ;)

      Thanks for the tips and comments!


      • ttamnoswad says:

        Just looked through all the pictures, I had only watched the video before my above suggestions.

        Didn’t realize that the shifter wasn’t gonna stick up through the flat top of that tranny hump.

        This nuts and bolts stuff is great. Please keep including that kind of stuff, at least as bonus video.

  7. Jason says:

    Why is Adam visiting Galpin Ford dressed like he’s about to steal something?

  8. WishMyWifeWasAShelby says:

    Ace Man!

    You really hit the nail on the head with this one! Your man Beau Boechman was absolutely, 100% right. Not only are the carryover 1699 Shelbys the best cars every to go down an assembly line, they are as rare as sex with my wife. Only 252 produced!

    It’s about time the public at large started to recognize the significance of these beautiful automobiles. Everybody is always talking about Ferraris. They should be talking about how the SHELBY kicked Ferrari’s ass in Le Mans. And don’t even get me started about a Porsche. The value of the 997 has dropped like my wife’s you-know-whats.

    Last year at the Barrett-Jackson lot #130, one of these beauties went for 250k with fees and commission. I wish I could get that for my old lady.

    Keep ‘em coming, guys. Shelby forever.

    • WannaBeCarryoverOwner says:

      Dude–right on!

      I’ve always wanted one of these cars, but never had the Benjamin’s. Even if I had the dough,
      my wife would have me sleeping in the garage instead of the second bedroom…

      Anyway, kudos to Carroll S. and Chuck Cantwell for producing the ultimate and rare Carryover,
      NOT leftover. Remember, ONLY 252 made–Ferrari’s made way more cars than that!

      • CarCast says:

        Can of worms now opened –

        Well, lots to say here about $helby and the ‘Mustangs’ he warmed over. There is the huge difference between a Mustang and a Ferrari, and don’t get me wrong I have a 1965 Mustang FB and a huge fan, the Mustang was a $2500 dollar car that rolled off the assembly line with borrowed parts from many Ford cars in the line up. Might as well be a Ford Falcon. Ferrari’s are sports cars, that’s what they were built and bread for (Again, I’m not wanting of many prancing horse cars, but only a few that I could never afford)

        Now back to $helby and his team (who did most of the work on the GT350/ and R models) . The $helby cars are worth bucks, not a question, but if you took a K-Code mustang added a few parts, the stripe, and I mean a few you have a GT350. They made over a Million Mustangs in 65/66, just 252 happened to be massaged over by ol $hel (well really the likes of Miles and Cantwell and their guys). It doesn’t have a rare motor, or special transmission, or rear end? Nope. Engine mods, minimal. Suspension mods, minimal, some of the shelby options, yeah cool, but hardly something that make the car ultra rare.

        I just love that people will pay 200k for a car they can get 30k and add maybe 5K in parts. I’m just way to pragmatic in this area I guess.

        So for having a cool mustang, hell yes, wasting CrAzY $$ on $helby? Only if you are oozing money out of your pores. Not smacking on what he did, but they are not really much different then a regular Fastback, just the price tag. The few exceptions are cars that have seen action and without a doubt the ‘R’ models (again toss one together easier they you think).

        The Mustang Fastback is a beautiful car, one of my favorites, but enough lamenting on if only I could have a $helby when it’s not that much different then the HiPo mustang of the era. Go pick of a Tony Branda catalog and you can get every part just like the old days and it won’t cost you 200k.

        Ok off the soap box. And for you ‘Carry-over’ guys dump them damn ugly Crager rims, that is the only shame of having such a nice $helby.

        I should lay off the coffee


        • WannaBeCarryoverOwner says:

          What about the Shelby mystic?

          • CarCast says:

            Ha, good one, yes, he has that going, and you can pay $150 to have your glove box signed by ol’ $hel.

            You do have a point, and I guess that is what makes the cars worth some money, but not really does nothing for me, but that’s just me I like what the cars are and not who made them. Others like the $helby branding, that’s cool too, just not me.


        • WishMyWifeWasAShelby says:

          You wanna talk about rims, let’s talk about rims. The Shelby 15” Cragar rims were only available on the 65s and the early 66s. Otherwise you have to settle for 14” 10 spoke or the 14” Magnum 500s. Now who wouldn’t take 15 inches over 14 inches. (I’ve got seven and it’s never enough).

          I’m a man that loves originals. I get my fish at Pike Place, I can’t stand those Californian silicone titties and I worship my Shelby. Create some Franken-mobile out of paint and parts, and you might be able to fool a fool, but you can’t fool me. If I put an Angelina Jolie mask on my wife, they ain’t gonna let her walk the red carpet.

          There’s nothin’ like an original.

          • CarCast says:

            But the Shelby cars are Frankensteined (if that’s a word). That’s my point an original Shelby GT350 is a collection of slapped on parts and somewhat interesting suspension and a other mods to fix inherent issues with the car, other then that it is exactly that, a car that got ‘Hopped up’. Again, what special things did old $hel do? 5 Speed, IRS, Aluminum motor???.

            Most of the mods were cheep fixes to even cheeper Ford engineering of the time. Remember the car was $2500 back in the 60’s so it’s understood that Ford had many compromises to make it fit that price range.

            He did a lot of good with what he did, but come on to say the it’s anything more then a fixed up car is a stretch. And the only difference between purchasing a real GT350 and doing one yourself it clearly the only thing missing heritage, nothing more. I have a 2 Mustangs here and a REAL GT350 sitting side by side, without the badge from CS, it’s not that much different at all.

            Again, not dissing the cars, just saying they are very much a Mustang with some mods, and the heritage is important, it’s something you are going to pay out some $$ for.


  9. carcrazyguy says:

    Thanks for continuing CarCast into 2011! I just wish you guys would go back to 44khz so I could listen to CarCast and the AC show on my player!

    • CarCast says:

      What type of player do you have that doesn’t support the bit rate?

      The current bit rate is common on podcasts, and should be compatible with even older players, but let me know and I can see what can be done.


  10. Happy New Year Carcast!!

      • WannaBeCarryoverOwner says:

        ‘Sorry, Jason, I’m goin’ to slip in on your dime…

        Let’s lay this ol’ Shelby dog to rest.

        The reason folks pay the big bones for these cars and the reason there are so
        many fake Shelbys and Cobras out there is because they’re cool, BUT they’re
        NOT original and they definitely don’t have the heritage. Think Le Mans, think
        SCCA B-Production champion, and definitely think about a 16 year old pressing
        his nose against the window at High Performance Motors. Man, it’s the American
        Dream, apple pie, and all that…

        And, Professor, you say you’re not dissing these cars, but you really are. Just remember,
        while the value of a new Ferrari, Aston, or Lambo won’t beat the Stock Market, a Shelby
        will. ‘Check out the latest Barrett-Jackson…

        I’m gone, like a REAL Shelby.

        And Jason, thanks.

        • CarCast says:

          No one said they are not cool. What I’m saying is that you can have one that is JUST AS COOL and not have to mortgage the house.

          BTW only a hand full of the so called Heritage cars you talk about have ever seen action those cars are very much a different animal then the guy with a ‘regular’ car. So for them the heritage is really just that it is coming out of $helby’s factory. The RACE cars are a different story and they are a small percentage of what limited production $helby’s are on the road.

          Again, what people pay for the car is not what I’m talking about, they are valuable, but they are not much more then a Mustang with some mods done by, who some might call a pioneer in the automotive world (Not me). If your willing to pay an ton of bread for a Mustang because it a $helby fine. Buy a car for investment, fine (not for me) I would rather just have the nice car that is just as fun and cool and money for more cars and projects.

          I guess if you have rice pudding you like rice pudding. Btw, I guess this applies to me as well.

          All in good fun.


  11. Jared says:

    Why did Adam and Sandy have to put their hands all over the Reagan Mustang? I’m sure they wanted to touch it because of the history behind the car, but it looks like they’re caressing down a beautiful lady!!

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