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Josh Allan from AC Propulsion brings in the Mini-E. We take a quick peek at the car and then Sandy takes it for a spin. We have had the Mini-E on the show a while back with Dan Edmunds of and we take another quick look at it as we chat with Josh and the electric industry.

Quick Links

Main episode with Josh Allan of AC Propulsion

Mini-E Images

Mini-E Video and Test Drive

Video Camera work by Jeff and the ContourHD windshield mounted camera.

4 Responses to “Mini-E”

  1. Rrrrr says:

    Great review of this cutting edge auto! Thanks guys.

  2. Greg says:

    Always good to have a Mini in any shape or form on the show, thank you. Which would you rather drive, this Mini E or a classic Mini converted to electric, that went 200 miles?

    Just a thought.

  3. Alberto says:

    Electric power vehicles should find existing endo skeletons instead of building new futuristic nerd mobiles.

  4. Andt90 says:

    Why no production electric Mini? This is a scandel!

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