Jerry Magnuson – Magnuson Superchargers

Jerry Magnuson – Magnuson Superchargers

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz welcome Jerry Magnuson. Jerry is the founder of Magnuson Superchargers. Jerry talks about his start in the world of supercharging and of course Adam derails the conversation to some of Jerry prior jobs with Dan Gurney and other historic racers. Jerry brings in his 1932 Ford Roadster. It’s fitted with, as you might guess, a Magnuson blower. Chip Foose worked on the finished product and it’s called the ‘Magnatude’. Troy Ladd’s ’32 Roadster is the featured car this week is from the First CarCast Car-B-Que, Enjoy the show!

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Troy Ladd’s Roadster

Magnatude Video

10 Responses to “Jerry Magnuson – Magnuson Superchargers”

  1. nater says:

    Never miss a show guys, but that man’s cadence was VERY difficult. Also there at the studio, I am waiting breathlessly for the newsletter. When can we look for it?
    Love everything ACE, keep up the good work.

    • hughJ says:

      Poor cadence – yep. Maybe that bugs me more than others, but I actually had to stop listening and skim through certain sections. Also, as Adam mentioned, this was a good example of why pre-interviews exist. Seemed like many times where Adam was trying to find connections to sort of fit his narrative in among other notable figures he came up dry.

  2. Nate says:

    Hey, listeners! Check out the wikipedia page for the Punch and update the description as necessary.

  3. Dustin from BC says:

    Agreed on the cadence… That Carcast needed Bald Bryan doing the bored hockey player “wow” drop to fill in the silent contemplation sections. Interesting enough guy, he seemed much more in his element discussing the car outside.

    Either way, would take any of Troy Ladd’s bitchin rides any day over the Foose-Boyd-ZZtopster-mobile. Can’t argue with the incredible work done in that car, but somehow it’s just comes off looking plastic and soul-less. Maybe just me, but Ladd’s car looks like 10 times more fun. And would I be wrong to guess it drove in, not trailered?

    Interesting comparison of similar era cars done with different philosophies, cool stuff guys.

  4. jcatjake says:

    Huell Howser once covered a Meyers Manx rally…

  5. Sam Vance says:

    Why didn’t whoever was filming this go in and shoot the engine and then edit that shot into where he was discussing the engine at length? All we saw was the hood.

  6. The Magnitude is fantastic. I love what he did with the headlights. Extremely slick. Jerry Magnuson was an awesome guest. Yes, his cadence was slow, but I didn’t care. He has fascinating stories to tell and a wealth of technical knowledge.

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