Matt Farah – The Smoking Tire


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Matt Farah – The Smoking Tire

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz have The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah on this week. Matt takes us back to his Go-Karting days and tells how he became interested in cars. Matt and Adam ramble about cell phone tips, vintage racing, and everything in between. Matt brings in his 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor for a CarCast walk around. Enjoy the show!

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Matt Farah’s – The Smoking Tire

Ford Focus Rally

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31 Responses to “Matt Farah – The Smoking Tire”

  1. McCheese says:

    Matt Adam and Sandy were my picks for the Top Gear US lineup.

  2. Dave says:

    I am a huge fan of Garage 419 and good to see Matt getting some publicity. Sandy, I am surprised you didn’t have tacos with you while you were checking out Matt’s truck…BTW you are a tool for eating tacos in the Gullwing.

    • CarCast says:

      Dave –

      You know that was all in good fun, this is a fun show?

      No taco juice, crumbs, etc got into anything on the car, and other then the bit of driveway rash (Matt’s new to the fancy car) the car went back to Mercedes clean.

      I can’t wait to get a Bugatti down here, maybe In-N-Out Drive Thru…

      — No vehicles were harmed in this episode of CarCast


  3. ttamnosad says:

    video @ 8:33………the reason why touch screens are lame………….fingerprints. I would expect better of someone who was going to show off their car, at least wipe that shit clean. I’m sure Adam noticed that.

    Btw, Matt Farah is nowhere near Adams league, I cant imagine them on the same show. That combo will be worse than if Adam worked with that wrestler bald guy from the Bullrun show.

    However I do think Ganz should get a “Professor’s Corner” segment on the new show.

  4. Joe says:

    If I hadn’t seen the photos on the web page I would have thought that Nick Swardson was the guest.

  5. Mark Mason says:

    Hi Adam and Donnie you guys should get Joe Rogan to bring over is car sick fish
    [BULT By CHIP Foose]
    its a great car and you guys would do a great podcast
    I am hooked on three of them on ace network.
    Donnie I like your tech tips and how to build tools at home ect
    keep them coming also do you have an update on your sunbeem tiger
    are you still working on it
    Thanks Mark

    • Mark Mason says:

      Sorry Sandy i got you and Donnie mixed up
      also do you know what years they produced
      the sunbeam tiger.
      Thanks Mark

    • CarCast says:

      Have a few new tech tool tip ideas, have not been working on them for a couple of weeks due to the holidays, but I think we are going to get back on part 2 of building the ford 9″. And possibly Electrical test gear Part 2. Slow to get going but we will have more shortly.

      I’ll see if Adam has can get Joe to come in for CarCast, not sure how that will go but will mention it.

      And the Tiger is a bit back on the list, Motor needs to go back in the Mustang, then I think going to pull the gearbox out of the Cobra, then move the GT40 project into the shop for some work and video for the show. Too much to do…


    • M3 Stig says:

      Rogan’s Sick Fish was built by Troy Trepanier

  6. ACE and Ganz

    Matt Farah is a very entertaining guy. I used to follow him on another podcast called Fast Lane Daily. It would be cool if some day you can interview that group.

    As always, another excellent program.

  7. Rick says:

    While I am not a huge fan of the Hummer, I have to say that the H-1 was designed as a military vehicle and not meant for the street. I doubt that the Ford pickup would last that long in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  8. ttamnoswad says:


    I don’t get it……….you can call your muffler guy an idiot over and over, Adam constantly calls people hacks and assholes, yet your listeners cant leave a tactfully critical comment about anything without comments being deleted?

    My comments in question from last show were about Click and Clack brothers, and from this show regarding Mr. Farah’s cerebral suitability as Adam’s Speed show co-host. Both were honest comments and fair. Yes, i read about the database issue from last show, then what about comments from this show?

    If there’s some new rules, that all comments have to be impotent, please let us know.

    Perhaps you hired some politically correct interns over there with an itchy delete button?

    Yeah, yeah, this comment will be deleted too…….I know. No biggie, still a fan.

    • CarCast says:

      Relax, some comments trigger the ‘Moderate’ filter (for various reasons), yours did. Don’t get all wound up, no one is singling you out, you are on any delete list or stuff like that. It’s much simpler, I am not online 24/7 (seems like it sometimes) to release them so that sat in limbo until I got back on the machine now. All’s well with your comments, they are up.

      I did loose a few comments from Friday, and will post any that come back (MR-2 Commenter, please re-post if you can you were NOT removed, it was a system issue)

      People leave critical comments all the time, however if they are not constructive in any way, those will be deleted. Negative comments with valid discussions are not. All comments from this show have been released and nothing out of the ordinary.

      No conspiracy here.


  9. Bryan says:

    I happened to notice that Adam said that he returned his leased s4. What car is he going to get next?

  10. Patrick says:

    What no mention of the 2010 Hennessey Ford F-150 SVT Raptor VelociRaptor 500 ?

  11. raymond says:

    Willy T Ribbs was a great driver. In 1983 he was rookie of the year in the (then) highly competitive Trans-Am series, scoring 5 wins. He races against some of the great American road racers of the 1980’s: Scott Pruett, Wally Dallenbach Jr. He was team mate to David Hobbs.

    Later on, in spite of his talent, his bad attitude scared off a lot of sponsors. That’s why his days in Indycar were so disappointing. He was always in 2nd class equipment.

    Bill Crosby sponsored him a number of times at the Indy 500.

  12. Chris W says:

    Hey just wanted to comment on Adam’s potential replacement for the S4.

    I don’t think Sandy’s rec of a G35 is great because Adam has already owned a 350z, unless Aam really liked the 350.

    I think Adam should go for something a little bit more “out of the box” but reliable and FUN.

    e36 M3 LSX swap:

    check the video on pg 2.

    I don’t know if Adam would go for this because he doesn’t seem to like the american V8, but this would be an awesome Daily Driver/Sleeper, and definitely doable on his low 20K budget.

  13. Chris W says:

    Or check out the BMW 135/335…twin turbo I6…with lots of potential with bolt ons…just have to be aware of the HPFP issue…

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