Medley of Porsche


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Medley of Porsche

Not one or two, but three Porsche cars make it to the featured car this week. We start with the oldest and move along to modern times. We start with Marco Gerace’s 1963 356T6V Outlaw, then move on to Dave Donelly’s 1970 Porsche 911S with a dose of extra trimmings, and last but not least Betim Berisha’s 2003 996 1000hp turbo.

Marco Gerace Porsche 1963 356T6V Outlaw Car
TLG Auto, Porsche Specialist –

Dave Donelly – 1970 911S
DNA Mastering –

Betim Berisha 2003 996 900hp to the tire
BBI Autosport –

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2 Responses to “Medley of Porsche”

  1. Bryan says:

    Not a fan of the 996 911s but that turbo was insane !! I was wondering what car is Adam thinking of getting next?

  2. Aaron K. says:

    Great video! Not a fan of the 996. (I don’t think many people are.) That front bumper/body kit is wretched.

    Adam, get a 997! Keep up the great work guys.

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