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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz take a field trip down to QMP Racing Engines. The Professors engine is on the Dyno and we find out what went wrong with it. It’s not all bleak as only a bit of work was needed to bring it back to life. Brad Lagman tells us the story. We jump right into the Dyno run and find out how the engine does. The week we are back with the Featured Car segment. Emily Hillebrand brings in something a bit more unusual, a 1960 Rambler American. Enjoy the show!

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QMP Racing Engines
Hell’s Belles Car Club

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Episode Video

QMP Racing Engine – Dyno Pulls

Featured Car – Emily’s 1960 American Rambler

4 Responses to “QMP Racing”

  1. big jim says:

    Looks like Ace is taking his fashion cues from Leno: denim on denim. But hey, it looks good on you, fella! And great episode! Also, nice to see a chick featuring her car (and one I’d totally bang).

  2. Chris from Lakeland, FL says:

    Well the Dyno test on the Ripper motor counts for an episode or two, if you happen to miss giving us some noise!

    I had the podcast cranked up through a Hi-Fi system and big High Efficiency Design speakers, so I could listen as I worked on the carb of my lawn tractor. It was so thunderous that I was looking around sheepishly at neighbor’s houses, then just smiled and pretended I was goosing the throttle on the mower. Hah! My neighbors will fear my grass-shredding power!

  3. Ahutchy says:

    I love Ace but damn he is so often out of his depth with cars. I cannot believe he didn’t know about running engines in on ‘ordinary’ oil. Maybe he is pretending to be dense for the sake of the podcast and asking the dumb questions? Reminds me of the last time I listened to the car cast and he was going on about forgetting to do his harness up at some race meeting. Who is helping him with his racing ventures? Jeezzz. Rich guys with cars….always funny!! AH

  4. Darron65 says:

    Yeah, what about not really understanding that just revving the engine does not make big HP numbers. C’mon Adam, it’s like revving in neutral, it just makes noise (and heat).

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