Big Oly Bronco


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Big Oly Bronco

Our Featured Car of the week is the Big Oly Bronco Trophy Truck which is owned by Marshall Madruga. Marshall was inspired by the Parnelli Jones driven Oly Bronco from the 70′s and decided to a modern rendition of Parnelli’s Ford Bronco. Not much Ford in his, but it’s in right the spirit. Many people came together to help build this truck including Troy from Ford Performance Solutions who built the very healthy motor. And yes this is street legal… so far.

Marshall Madruga’s Big Oly Site –

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Marshal Madruga’s Big Oly Trophy Truck

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3 Responses to “Big Oly Bronco”

  1. Darren 420 says:

    Big Oly Bronco, BAD ASS!!!

  2. mv says:

    awesome truck.

    please do us a favor and take the camera for a walk around. show us the other views of the truck.

    love the podcast. i stream it during my garage time.

  3. May Kadoodee says:

    HOLY SH!T,
    Ive got a boner… I love this part of ABN… I normally listen to music or Stern Re-Runs at work after the pod cast but now I can listen to this show… fu@king awesome Sandy… fyi I used to follow Class 8 now trophy truck racing so I can’t wait to listen this pod cast… GET IT ON!

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