Derelict Wagon


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Derelict Wagon

This weeks featured car is a really cool ride. Jonathan Ward from TLC (Toyota Land Cruiser) who brought us the his new ICON version of the Land Cruiser and Military Jeep brings us something completely different… A station wagon? Well this is about a cool a wagon as it gets, a 1952 Chrysler Town and Country custom wagon, which has the front end replaced with a DeSoto front end. Why? Because he could! Jonathan’s ride features a late model hemi engine but even that is dressed up to look old school. The workmanship is awesome when you get close and see how it was set up. This car was featured in Hot Rod Magazine May 2011, and it deserves it!

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Vaughn Gittin Jr.


Check out Jonathan’s Companies for ICON brand Land Cruiser and Jeep

And if you are working on a Toyota Land Cruiser here is the starting place


Jonathan Ward’s Derelict Wagon

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  1. Ford Prefect says:

    Because the tires and wheels are so incongruous, you might want to emphasize that. Do they make tires in blue rubber? You know what I mean, something so obtuse it blinds the contrast? Yet melds with everything else.

  2. Poll says:

    WOW! Now that is what you call a well written article, it has everything in it that as a reader you want to know. Keep up the good work and continue to post great articles like this one.

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