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Shelby American Collection

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Donny Misraje (The Weez) head up to Boulder Colorado to check out the Shelby American Collection. They are met by curator Bill Murray, not the actor as Adam comments. Adam, Donny and Bill take a look at many of the Museum cars from some of the rare Cobra’s to the beloved GT40′s.

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Shelby American Collection

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30 Responses to “Shelby American Collection”

  1. Jack Duha says:

    Awesome show!

    Jack Duha

  2. Alien Drive By says:

    100% drool factor. great show !!!

  3. big jim says:

    Wildlife Documentary: Here we find the Weez in his natural habitat. He has slept through the day and now his natural prey – the Mustang Auto – is once again on the move.
    But the Weez is on the prowl! Watch how he stalks the Mustang, keeping low in the grass, seeking out the weakest Mustang of the herd.
    And then he pounces! The herd flees across the plain; the weakest fall behind…and yet, the Weez still walks away without a new car. Chin-up, cowboy!

  4. CY says:

    what a great show. Loved it

  5. Ford Prefect says:

    Museum etiquette, don’t be a one-upper — but Donny was just being appreciative. (And to be honest, he realized that, and he added something, and he shut-up when it was obvious.)

    Still, next time we visit the Mini-bike Museum, Adam should invite the foremost mini-bike expert. That would be fun, some incredibly boring fun.

    Rich guys could just covet their prizes like a miser, or they could share them. Thanks to all the owners who decided to share their prizes. A cynic would say they’re boasting. That’s not true. If you’re a misanthrope you couldn’t conceive of a museum. Huh, what?

    The problem I have is these cars have become exhibits. We can look, but we can’t touch. How about a charity event, pay to drive? Imagine the line. Yes, we could blow out the clutch, but if it’s $500 a drive, that should shift out the Riff Raff.

    • Chris says:

      A lot of these cars run at vintage events. While you still can’t touch, you can see them in action.

  6. Ford Prefect says:

    A good car likes to shake her ass, like a bad wife.

    Don’t know why I’m posting too much. Feel like there should be more posters. This is good stuff.

  7. big jim says:

    Agreed, Ford. The Weez was a great co-host! He knew tons about the Shelby’s and even schooled the Ace man on a few points. You could tell he was having a great time.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      Thanks for tempering my comment. I meant no disrespect. Donny should have been doing the interview., which would have freed up Adam for comedy and other tangential stuff.

      • CarCast says:


        >> No one tampered with your comment <<

        Anything that you wrote was what was published and exactly as you wrote it. IF I ever do an edit it will appear as [EDITED] or simply removed to trash/spam. I have the only access to editing comments I'm pretty sure you it's all on you.


        • CarCast says:

          FP -

          Crap, I need to learn to read ;) I read that as Tampering, not Tempering! I’ll leave the comment I wrongly made as penance.


          • Ford Prefect says:

            No, you can go ahead and delete it, because I do write some crazy, hyperbolic comments every once in a while. (Like normal people piss every once in while ;) ) No indignation here. No apology necessary.

  8. Fallsington Jones says:

    Great video !

    Good job Donnie.

  9. Darryl says:

    Never knew this place existed until today. Awesome. Grew up with a family who had a couple real CSX Cobras, and got to drive them a few times. Indescribable memories….

    Hear anything new about Hollywood making a movie of ‘Go Like Hell’, the book about the Ford/Ferrari rivalry that created the GT40? I remember hearing they were looking for actors for it, and that there was a star stuuded cast getting in line to play the drivers. Hopefully they don’t ‘Fast and Furious’ it up, and keep it as close to a documentary as they can….Who am I kidding? Those doucher’s who who listen to focus groups, and DON’T KNOW SHIT can’t help it. I hope with all my might we don’t get a Transformer-esque “Holley double-pumper” line from some idiot because they won’t use someone who actually knows their stuff.

    Ganz must be pissed he missed this one!

    Love the ACE Broadcasting network. In a nod to Adam, I’ll use an often used quote from him: “You are doing the Lord’s work”.

  10. Tony says:

    How is it possible that you guys are not on TV. Jesus, you guys know way more about cars than most TV folks wearing a ton of make up. Let’s start a petition to get you guys into deep cable, at least!

    Thanks for the great shows!!

  11. joegagan says:

    great show, enjoyed immensely. will listen at least 2 more times. thanks a million , donny and adam!

  12. WilburFromWestMemphis says:

    You know what’s weird, Aceman? That you have a mustang on the header of carcast but it seems like you’re on the short bus when it’s time to talk about them.

    I bet if i got into your garage, I’d see 12 foreign jobs and one beautiful Shelby stuffed in the back to keep realists like me quiet.

    Where’s your pride in the USA? We killed BIn Ladin, dammit!

    Just remember, Shelby beat Ferrari. And everybody knows it!

    Suggestion: next time you do an interview, you might want to wake up first. This podcast is the definition of phoning it in. Next time, have a chimp stand in for you – that would be funnier. And cleaner too. You’ve gone from the “rolled out of bed” look to the “rolled out of the bar after a 72 hr bender.” look.

    “Bill Murray, not the one from Ghostbusters.” We all know who (the real) Bill Murray is, we’ve been waiting for this interview since you started this carcast. It’s great to see a guy that actually knows his stuff. Why not throwing him on the payroll, Ace?

    I’d follow you anywhere – Loveline, morning radio, Crank Yankers, deep cable home shows, and now podcast. But where’s the quality control?

    The Weez saved you this time Ace. You owe him a sixer, or two.

  13. Peter E says:

    I always love these shows. I was wondering though. This time Donny was wide awake and informative and Adam seemed stoned. I’m just sayin. Kudos to the Ace man.
    I like Ganz, but it was nice not to hear him butt in and studder for a change.

  14. camaroz1985 says:

    Great show. Very informative, and kept me interested the whole time.

  15. Awesome show, listen 4 times already!!
    Great subject, Great hosts, Great guest!


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