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Tim Dadik

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Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz talk with Tim Dadik, Vice President, Field Sales Manager of Chubb Insurance. Tim brings us information and a couple of fun stories from the vintage car insurance claim files. Adam also chats a bit about driving a couple of cars at Willow Springs for his new Speed Channel show. Then a quick video that shows how Edmunds.com test out a couple of ‘regular daily drivers’, the Lexus LFA and Porsche GT2 RS.

One thing we did find out after the shoot that the Porsche DID have a computer code being flashed that was causing the car not to have full power at launch. The subsequently tested the car back on the Drag race against the LFA and it did do more of what was expected. Check that out at Inside Line Lexus LFA vs Porsche GT2 RS

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Test Day with Edmunds.com

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10 Responses to “Tim Dadik”

  1. nater says:


    Would you please tell the Ace Man that there is no way in hell a Toyota Sienna van would out accelerate, out brake, or out corner ANY Ferrari (including the commercial trucks), let alone a Porche SC, as he stated earlier on the regular podcast.

    I get hyperbole and bombast. Truly. But as an owner of said Sienna and former owner of SC (kids ya know) I couldn’t stop vomitting into the Samsonite sized cener console of the damn van.

    Don’t let him live THAT ONE down.

    Good day.

    • Joe says:

      Just found the specs on the ’78 SC while listening to the rest of this episode.

      1978 Porsche 911 SC, 0-60 mph 6.5, Quarter Mile 15.3 (180hp)

    • Dane says:

      If you (nater) actually spend time around car shows or similar events, you will realize that every third person you meet will make statements like that to make their point. I am 99% sure this is all he was doing…and I feel he really doesn’t think a modern minivan will absolutely outperform the vintage exotics in question all around.

      But if you want to actually examine this, pretty much any modern V6 or V8 vehicle will at least give “supercars” of yesterday a run for their money in a straight line. Along the same lines, manufacturers have figured out that braking performance can be measurably improved by simply using larger, higher performance parts. No rocket science or conspiracy there. Simple corporate parts-sharing, ABS, etc. means non-performance vehicles will stop and accelerate much quicker than they once did. So due to this, a typical Camry will probably brake as quickly as a Ferrari once did. But it’s a lot more fun in the Ferrari!

      When it comes to handling, a lot more of a case against his statement could be made. Sure, cars have come a long way in the last 30 years, but unfortunately, handling improvements have hit a wall since the late 80-early 90’s. No developments have been made that replace the multi-link designs of this time period, that by the way, are still in use today. Take the RX7 R1 (.99g on the skidpad in factory trim), or the 90-96 300ZX (rode like a Maxima, yet still turned a perfectly neutral .88g). Nobody has really been able to eclipse this.

      Along the same lines, exotics of the late 70’s and 80’s are still quite respectable on the track, despite what raw numbers may suggest. Sure, a minivan or SUV made today may have the potential to generate .79g. But trust me when I say that something like an vintage Porsche with similar numbers would run circles around said vehicle on a track…or for that matter, on a curvy road with a good driver. In those cases, simple physics takes precedence over suspension design. Either way, at most, Adam was only making a point about how much vehicle you can get for the money these days…and maybe how overblown memories of exotics of yesteryear are.

  2. Call me joe says:

    You tell’em nater, that sounded off to me too, but I’m no Sienna owner so I wouldn’t know…lol

  3. Joe says:

    1977 Ferrari 308 GTB 0-60 mph 8.1 Quarter mile 16.8 (240hp)
    2011 Toyota Sienna SE 0-60 mph 7.0 Quarter Mile 15.2 (266hp)

    This is when new, imagine how a 34 year old car would do against the van in a modern day test.

  4. Ford Prefect says:

    Sandy looking svelte, hitting the gym (don’t go Hollywood on us). Akimbo is a fat-man/skinny-man thing. With love handles it seems lazy, but without them, it’s emphatic. Anna, shall we dance? Clap-clap.

  5. CantCatchM3 says:

    Great video. I wish for the track time shots the music was left off. I’d rather hear tires squeal and engines bumping the rev limiter vs an audio track on loop.

  6. Kevin V says:

    that LFA sounds amazing

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