A Boy and his Bronco


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A Boy and his Bronco

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Show Summary

Emotional Closure for Donny, Adam, and Ganz. No more towing or engine swaps as the years of Bronco stories come to a close. On what is nearing the 20th year anniversary of Donny’s original Ford Bronco being taken apart for an odd and badly thought out engine swap, Adam and Sandy rekindle the many story of woe, from towing, to many, many engine installs and removals, to the classic smash up story that happened right in front of Donny’s house. Dr. Carolla (ACE) extolls his wisdom as a healer and master story teller of all the years of Donny’s Bronco squatting in his warehouse. Nothing less then what you might expect when Ace, Ganz and the Weez get together.


Donny’s 1977 Ford Bronco

The Last Ride (Caution this contains highly emotional content)

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27 Responses to “A Boy and his Bronco”

  1. Aaron K. says:

    Adam, Sandy, and Donny make a great team. Love when they are all together. Great CarCast guys =)

  2. Cory says:

    Is it just me or does Donny and the professor look almost identical. Donny if your wondering what your going to look like in 10 years wonder no more.

  3. Ron says:

    hey great show- we all have projects I am not sure I can do the one year and out process… I do like the really cool seat in the front of the Bronco- looks like it is Amish, is it for sale?

    • CarCast says:

      That is the chair that Adam fixed for Donny that sat around for a while until Adam made him toss it out… Right into the Bronco with the family of cats ;)


  4. Jeff Wubker says:

    Looking at Donny’s situation with his Bronco it’s easy to sit back and wonder, why do you hang on to that hunk of junk like someone with a hoarding problem for? Then I reflect back to a few cars that I owned in which I did the same thing. Not for as long a time, but a time none the less. I feel foolish now looking back on it and have come to the conclusion that guy’s bond to their cars and see there old car not as what it is but what it was. And if you are a procrastinator in doing the necessary work to make it what it was, take the $100.00 someone offered you for it while you have the chance.

  5. James Anderson says:

    Thats too damn cool–and weird also–I always wondered what your sidekicks look like Adam! Sandy sounds like he is still 16 or 17! He will surely outlive us all! Thanks for a great show- Jim (Ford Nut)

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