Bugatti Veyron


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Bugatti Veyron

Craig Jackson of Barrett-Jackson fame brings in a rare Bugatti Veyron. This car was picked up at his auction after a bidder runs away after making the bid. Long and short of the story is Craig purchases the car and has one the rare 291 made. Sadly the Professor is out for this episode or it would have made it for a run to Del Taco for the CarCast ‘Test Drive-Thru’

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Craig Jackson


Craig Jackson’s Bugatti Veyron

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7 Responses to “Bugatti Veyron”

  1. Damn, let the Ace man speak!

  2. I’ll like to have the four door that your working on , Please … LOL In my Dream’s … Does Jay leno have one ?

  3. Chris says:

    You shouldn’t shut the door by the window

  4. Carson says:

    It’s an impressive car, but what a liability it must be to own one. Laying down ramps to get it off your driveway, sending it overseas to be serviced, insurance through the roof I’m sure. You start bleeding money the second you get one.

    Still, engineering at it’s finest.

    • CarCast says:


      I would say engineering NOT at it’s finest depending on your perspective. I would say most all of the technology that is in the Bugatti is not much more what you would find on next years BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, etc. To me the fact that it is so specialized and a huge problem to maintain and service is an engineering Fail, but that is from my perspective of making it work and reasonable maintainability but I guess you don’t want bad mechanics working on a car of this cost of level of complexity.


  5. fix screen says:

    This website does not show up properly on my apple iphone – you may wanna try and repair that

  6. Why waste your money buying such an ugly vehicle?

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