Craig Jackson


Craig Jackson

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and Motorator Matt get Craig Jackson down for an episode of CarCast. Craig is at the wheel of the world famous Barrett-Jackson Auctions. Craig tells some stories about shady bidders, and then shows off his Bugatti Veyron that he bought at his own auction when a guy splits after bidding!

Show Links

Visit worlds greatest car auction – Barrett-Jackson

And More information on America’s Tire / Discount Tire right at Special thanks to Zack and his crew for a great job!


Craig Jackson’s Bugatti Veyron

America’s Tire / Discount Tire Excursion

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17 Responses to “Craig Jackson”

  1. Ed says:

    WOW!!!! What a car. I cant believe Adam doesn’t have one. Love the show and love the CARSHOW too.
    Adam if you would like to buy me one of these cars I’d be happy to tell you where to deliver it.

  2. Flatulator says:

    That shorts/black socks look is something else.

  3. big jim says:

    ‘You’re a Jew, it’s unclear if you’re going anywhere. Anyway Zach, we’re good Christians, we know where we’re going. Should we have a look at that tire?’
    Ha! Funniest thing Carolla’s said all week.

  4. mike says:

    Nice job camera man showing all parts of the car!

  5. wseroyer says:

    This is a link to the Ultimate Factories episode that ace was talking about.

  6. mnoswad1 says:

    It’s a wonder Craig Jackson knows so much about that car………he never stops talking, how could he ever listen to anyone else who might have any useful information.

    This is the thing all rich guys do…….they go into a verbal bulldozer mode……as soon as someone starts to have something relevant say, rich guy reads into it and interrupts to steal the point. That tactic only fools the non observant people you don’t really need to impress anyways.

    Its the Adam Carolla show………dont fucking interrupt the man on his own damn show people.

    That being said… is nice to hear a guest actually get a word in sometimes.

    ………..all terrains on the tow rig? looking good, but still.

    • Brian says:

      “This is the thing all rich guys do” I know plenty of pie hole mis-managers that have little or no coin… like your wife.

  7. John says:

    Wow! Amazing show about an amazing car!

  8. ZyZxx says:

    Typical used car salesperson. Craig should get his history correct. He forgot to mention Mr Kruse. When the Barrett-Jackson name is mentioned it gets the same reaction from car guys as Boyd Coddington, Who incidentally sold his last cars at RM auctions.

    • Brian says:

      Just can’t not talk about a car’s features. Right on about his being a “used car salesperson” Zy

      I did enjoy and give him points for breaking bat on that knucklehead in the Ferrari hat from a few years ago. That guy got old fast.

      Speed is wise to turn often to the B-J #2 guy… far more TV friendly, though, he should listen to Carcast to learn how to be a real car man.

  9. Jack Duha says:

    Great show Ace and Matt!,

    Interesting car and guest to go with it!
    Craig really seems to appreciate and enjoy this car.


  10. Chase Peck says:

    Craig needs his own podcast dedicated soley to talking about the computer controlled wing on his Veyron.

  11. RocketJohn says:

    Craig mentioned the car is 5,000lbs wet, but he was off by a 1.000lbs, its a bit over 4,000, which makes sense since the car isn’t not big at all… fyi, for accuracy sake…

  12. Mike Grosso says:

    For what it’s worth, Craig isn’t in sales, and he’s not even a “car guy” in the company, he’s just the beneficiary of two other real “car guys” knowledge who work there. Perhaps this is why he can’t keep his facts straight. Ah, but it’s a cool car, and a really good segment by your crew. Adam is awesome, despite the socks.

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