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Dan Neil

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This is an exciting week for Adam as his car show premiers on Speed this week. The CarCast crew heads down to the studio to check out the show and get some time with award winning writer Dan Neil. Adam, Sandy and Dan sit on the casting couch and talk about, well as you might guess, cars!

Show Links

Dan Can be found in the Automotive section at the Wall Street Journal

The Car show with Adam Carolla, Dan Neil, Matt Farah and John Salley Premieres Wednesday, July 13th at 7pm PT only on SPEED.

And check the Motorator for yet more information on the new show, you can find it right here!


Fox Studio with Dan Neil

Behind the Scenes at Fox Studios

The Car Show promo on Speed

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22 Responses to “Dan Neil”

  1. Rrrrr says:

    Dan looks very much like the Actor on “Wings”. I thought it was him. Looking forward to seeing the new Car show on deep cable. Looks great.

  2. Josh says:

    I know Dan is a super smart guy, and I love his insite into the industry, but has any guest sounded like more of a condescending doushbag?! “NOS?! Get the fuck out of here! HA HA HA! NOS…”
    I think he comes across better on The Car Show, which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying!
    Keep up the great work Adam!

    Italia > Mp4-12C * 10
    For those prices, I want some soul!

    On a totally unrelated note, your Lamborghini GT 400 is fucking GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Bruno Monkus says:

    Why isn’t this “Professor” guy — Sandy — on the broadcast? He’s much more entertaining that the current panelists!

  4. Clark Shipley says:

    Love The Car Show, by the way. So why didn’t Adam give Dan shit for being a goatee and hippy bead wearing commenter in “Who Killed the Electric Car”, when he’s now Mr. Pin Stripe and Pocket Square guy?

  5. Make this an 1-Hour show again please, Top gear can only squeeze 6 episodes a year…..I love the 60 seconds news bit, Love the facts that few people know that you drop on the show, you can add women to it…..Loved the “teach a girl to drive a manual bit” Loved the facts you give out like, Lexus tried to take down the s-class, and the hyundai equus is trying to do the same.. Love show……….I read people dont like the news desk approach , but I never really noticed, i was getting the info from the program not checking your interior designer skills……maybe sit around a table with a couch…(What do i know`)….the Canepa design show was cool…Let Dan Neil drop some car facts it seems like he very educated about cars, and so is Adam……I love the show, Give the show some time and it will be a true winner………I was crushed when it was cut in HALF make it 90 minutes of cars I LOVE CARS DAMMIT…. Show is doing well………it new why do ppl complain….ASS and Cars…..

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