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Ken Block

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz and Motorator Matt sit down with Ken Block to talk about his cars, driving and the X-Games. Ken brings in his Monster Energy Ford Fiesta RS as well as his European Ford Focus RS.

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Check out Ken and the rest of the Monster World Rally Team at

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Matt’s Ride Along with Ken Block

Ken Block and his Ford Focus RS and Monster Energy Ford Fiesta RS

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17 Responses to “Ken Block”

  1. Norm P says:

    Great stuff! Fun to watch Ken put the car through its paces although it looks like Matt got a fairly tame ride (guessing it felt like he was being launched out of a canon). Thanks for continuing to bring us fantastic car content. Get it on!

  2. farmerdave says:

    You guys keep stepping it up. It’s like someone crawled in my head…

  3. Tony says:

    Great video! Would have been interesting to see another camera actually watching the car do its run through and all the great video that you got. But great work. Loved it.

  4. mnoswad1 says:

    I wanted…..nay…..needed to hear more about the specifics of the focus rs, and especially how it was registered and legally driven on the roads in the US. Yes, we’ll never get it here, but still.

    • Matt says:

      We were limited on what we could say about the car. As for driving it on U.S. streets… He gets to roll around with Manufacturer plates, of course ;)

  5. Lamb says:

    The ACEman’s bad luck is contagious. Ken Block got shut out of contention at the X games. All that turbo talk jinxed him, he went through 2 of them.

    Glad he came on the show.

  6. BigAcemanFan says:


    I think you know that I love you. That’s not some weird stalker, gotta shrine of you by my bed love, but good ‘ol beer drinking, back slappin’ bro love. So it’s with all that love in my heart that I gotta tell you: you’re messin’ up.

    Now, I’m telling you this cause I love you. You got all kind of guys kissin’ yer grits ‘cause you’re famous, but I won’t do that. I love you too much.

    So now you’re doing this Carcast. I’m kind of a car guy so I stick with it. I miss you being funny, but beggars can’t be choosin’, right?

    The thing I loved about you, Aceman, was that not only were you funny. You were a regular guy. You kept it real. Didn’t let all this crap go to your head. You stuck with Damesheck through thick and thin and back again. You even put that Oswaldo in your movie.

    But something’s changed with this Carcast. I submit for your approval: Motorator Matt. A few eps ago, this whipper snapper comes out of nowhere to take over for the Professor without so much as a wink. No, “the professor’s sick today, so this guy’s playing sidekick.” It should be the Professor or nothing, simple as that. Today, you got him riding with Ken Block. Let’s check his underwear, cause he looked scared. I guess the new guy needs to get hazed.

    Okay, I know what you thinking, this guy’s going overboard. But it’s not the only incident. The other one might be worse…

    Two words, Aceman: Discount Tires. For a long time, they were the perfect sponsor for you. A good, honest shop. It’s not the Goodyear blimp, but hey, it’s good enough for the Carcast. Until it wasn’t, ‘cause they sure aren’t big enough for The Car Show. You had to turn to Tire Rack.

    Question: Would you trade in Kimmel for Dane Cook? Would you trade in Dr. Drew for Dr. Oz? Hell no, so why are you startin’ now?

    Btw, love Ken Block.

  7. Charles says:

    So I have been looking at the Focus. The standard version is not much of a car. I was expecting a lot more. I sat in the Titanium version but they would not let me drive it unless I was ready to buy it and the extra 6 grand was too much to let ride on chance. I want them to stop advertising it as a sport hatch if that is the attitude they have about it. I actually found the TDI Jetta to be higher build quality even with the step down in materials this year and handle, ride, and out accelerate the focus. I actually found myself almost wanting to buy that little Diesel. I am in the market for something with decent mileage but I also do not want something that looks like a college student should be driving. Unfortunately I have to stick to a purchase price under 30 grand. I have looked at used but due to the condition of the market, prices are high and most of what is on used car lots are dull family cruisers. I just turned 31, have no kids, and am not married. I want something new with a warranty and not somebody’s lease return they whipped to hell for 3 years and dumped back on the lot.

    I hate to say it. Unless you are a teenage girl, college student, gay, or can afford the payments on a 50K+ car you are SOL these days if you want a car that is of any quality, a good driver, and gets decent mileage.

    Matt and Sandy I value your opinion. And everybody else as well.

    • CarCast says:

      First off find another Ford dealer. Any place that will not let you drive a car should get the finger, NEVER let them make you think they are doing you a favor either by letting you drive or selling you a car.

      I do like the TDI’s from VW but never been confidant about VW quality, it’s good, it’s bad, not sure where it’s at toda. Check online about some of the problem, but I guess no worse then some of the other cars. Also plenty of great used cars with warranties in that range that will be better then either of those after someone took a bath on it, just depends on if you want a used car.


  8. Andrew says:

    It’s hard to believe that ford puts out such an amazing race car and then gives the public an awful little shit box of a car.

    I know they’re logic is probably to not have a car that takes away from mustang sales, but its such a flawed logic because the people who want an awd turbo car probably don’t want a mustang anyways.

  9. pato says:

    Great Blog and text. You should write in POlish lenguage :)

  10. jon says:

    i have a cellphone pic of a green focus RS just like that passing me in a suburb of detroit from a few years back. bad ass car. ford needs to sell here.

  11. cukrzyca says:

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