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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz have sit down with noted automotive writer Matt Stone. Matt has been a Freelance journalist, author, broadcaster, former Editor of Motor Trend Classic magazine and much more. Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and James Dean all make in into this episode even mention of the race of dead actors. Matt brings in his 2008 Shelby GT Convertible.

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Check out Matt’s Automotive Website at You can find out more about Matt and his fantastic books!


Matt Stone’s 2008 $helby GT

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17 Responses to “Matt Stone”

  1. Tyler Durden says:

    Another awesome show — thanks Adam and Sandy!

    Hey… was the Lamborghini you referred to in the video (in which Adam went to Leno for a small custom part) the 350GT or Muira?

    Thanks again! Love the show

    • CarCast says:

      It was the Miura. It was very cool of Bernard/Leno to make it for Adam. I think the part was an odd one but enough time on ebay and looking at odd old cars and it would have been found. This was easier.


      • Tyler Durden says:

        Thanks Sandy — you’re the man.

        Hope to see you on The Car Show — one of things I love about Adam is the way he bounces off and interacts with his contributors — you (sincerely) compliment his style really well.

        If I were to tweak The Car Show, I’d want you to be on the panel with Aceman.


  2. Chris from Lakeland, FL says:

    Ya know, Iowahawk gets to LA once or twice a year and he would probably be great fun on the podcast; he would probably fly in, so he couldn’t bring a car, but one of his buddies could probably bring one over, or you could post one of his car-related videos. I would sure enjoy hearing from him and I bet you folks would enjoy meeting him: If you are not familiar with him, check out some of his Garage magazine stories in the right sidebar:

  3. mnoswad1 says:

    Push button starter question…………what about the steering lock?

    Did he still have to put the key in the ignition and turn it to “on” position, then reach over and press the button?

    Then it looks like he turned the key off at the column to turn the engine off.

    ON another note…every time Adam mentions the 3d printed switch cover plate, I need to see a picture of it again.

    btw……..The Car Show is really good, nice to not be locked into the top gear format.

  4. Jason Loftis says:

    Hey Adam & Sandy,

    Always love your Carcasts from Japan. Personally, not a muscle / sports car fan but still enjoy you guys doing “Shop talk”. I liked the Episode with Donny’s Bronco and the history behind it makes it even cooler. You think you and Adam can invite some SUV folks to look at the history of US and/or Japanese SUV’s from the 90’s up to now. I got a Japanese 1995 HiLUX Surf (4Runner in the States) and have owned a Jeep Cherokee and always loved the Tahoo’s… Can’t afford the Road Taxes in Japan to own a big Pick Up truck… Might be a lot of work for you guys to go over all the different types but would be a nice twist to the show to highlight the evolution of some of the most popular one. Thanks for the entertainment always!.

  5. K says:

    Steve McQueen’s resurgence in popularity might have been aided by the Sheryl Crown song “Steve McQueen” which came out in 2002.

  6. Maxpower says:

    Adam and sandy didn’t like the car much Sandy didn’t say much untill the Honda s2000 came up lol I love you Sandy

  7. Ford Prefect says:

    I like the new Mustang, but the hood is too bulgy and although the handling is better according to R&T, they say it’s still a compromise.

    I had an ’88 with a shift kit and various other silly shit. Once I got comfortable, I wrapped it around a tree, hit a stone wall, bounced off and hit a telephone pole, the front and back demolished. High score!

    That’s why I don’t like this car very much, although I respect the youthful enthusiasm. It’s not predictable. It’s not precise. Like I said, I haven’t driven one (scared, a little). But it looks like the same thing to me.

    Don’t go for any high scores.

  8. Ford Prefect says:

    Also, went to Louden this week to see the Indy Race. Franchitti was totally dominant, as he has been all season long. Probably going to Formula-1 next season, my bet.

    Danica extended her streak of non-DNF to 46 (IIRC). That’s pretty amazing. As a guy, I want to believe in “No guts no glory”, but maybe courage is better learned than innate?

    It was fun. Great experience. Check it out. Such unbelievable speed when you’re track-side and noisy as Hell. Recommend it.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      That sounded sexist. Women have courage. We just don’t want to think about that. And it doesn’t apply to racing cars. Or maybe it does, which was my comment.

  9. DT says:

    I have some pretty good shots of Adam at the 2011 Monterey Historics barreling through “Turn 2″. Is there any way I could get them you guys?

  10. DT says:

    I have some pretty good shots of Adam at the 2011 Monterey Historics barreling through “Turn 2″. Is there any way I could get them you guys?

  11. Ray says:

    Ace & Ganz,

    You can find anything for Mustangs and you would think you could find anything for Miatas. Afterall, they made a million now. However, I can’t find stock seat covers for my 1990 Miata. WTF?

    I guess it would be cheaper for me to go custom upholstery on my Miata than have to 3D print a console for a Miura though. Ace has all my sympathy for his rich-guy problems.


  12. Carson Horky says:

    Wow very cool blog It looks like you put a good amount of time into writing this blog, haha it’s always great to pass the time reading a good little story, or just to pick up some more facts. I am off to go ride my new Bonneville Later! Anyhow great Blog keep it up!

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