Alan Peltier, HRE Wheels


Alan Peltier, HRE Wheels

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and filling in for The Professor is Motorator Matt D’Andria. This week they have Alan Peltier from HRE Weels. Alan talks about how rims are made and debunks many myths about unsprung weight. And how how Hydrogen should not be used in tires!

For more information on Alan and HRE Performance Wheels check them out here at


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18 Responses to “Alan Peltier, HRE Wheels”

  1. I came here for the sweet sweet cars and I got a ghetto rim infomercial… What ever happened to the in car Alfa footage? Oh well, you guys have bills to pay. See ya next week…

  2. Chris from Lakeland, FL says:

    Very interesting. A factory tour should be considered for a future episode.

  3. Mike Silverfoote says:

    A “ghetto’ rim infomercial. First of all, where does the word “ghetto” fit in here ? Secondly, HRE is probably the premier, HIGH LEVEL, rim maker out there today. I enjoyed it. Rims do have to do with CARS, so it does fit a CAR cast. Well done.

  4. NW fan says:

    The technical discussion was good. Maybe the first guy just didn’t listen…

  5. mnoswad1 says:

    Same, I like the tech discussions……in fact I was thinking that the whole conversation was very interesting. Perhaps if distilled and polished, a tech segment would be good on The Car Show. I esp like the tech talk about the differences between unsprung weight and rotational weight. (“mass”……..i know, but still)

    • Matt says:

      Thanks guys. I know this show was a little more technical than usual, but we just wanted to mix it up a bit. Alan is an incredibly smart engineer and always a pleasure to talk to. I’m hoping we can get down to HRE Wheels for a factory tour some day soon.

      • J0J0 says:

        I thought it was very interesting and nothing wrong with doing technical discussions. As car guys we like that stuff so more would be nice.

      • Ford Prefect says:

        I know it was “a little more technical than usual”, but in the picture you look like you’re being prodded with something rude, and there’s nipple evidence.

        They’re goofing on you… hard. The worst picture possible. Look at it.

  6. mnoswad1 says:

    Also just read about The Car Show dropping Salle , it makes sense, although I never hated him on the show. But going to 30mins? that sucks. Try to keep the 0-60 segment.

    Btw……going to hit up for snow tires soon.

    • J0J0 says:

      Love Salley but he seemed a little out of place with the other two co-hosts being way more knowledgeable. (Adam of course stays because it’s his goddam show.) Maybe now Salley will be back doing the Sportscast. Loved that one.

      Also, the 30 min cut seems a bit weird but don’t most Speed shows last 30 minutes? Not sure on that one. I’d suggest that if they want to go back to 60 minutes they should get Vida Guerra or just her ass to feature on the show. hehe, right Ace? Speed seems to be reward asses that go from side mirror to side mirror.

    • May Kadoodee says:

      I agree with you, I measure the quality of a show by “when it’s over you want more” and I always want more Car Show. I liked Salle, he was funny, I’m sure he was the one who brought other sports guys cars to the show, sad.

  7. May Kadoodee says:

    I’m listening to this podcast right now 9-27-2011 at 4:00pm and Ace is asking about magnesium wheels. My friends and I are into Vintage Dirt Bike Racing and we learned from personal experience that NEVER EVER Powder Coat Magnesium, wheels will break, cases will crack so Alan is absolutely right on that point.

  8. DH says:

    They only have 30 minutes of useable information and the rest is BAD JOKES about nothing I am interested in. Salle does not belong and adds nothing to the show. They need to keep to auto information and not stupid jokes and just plain obsurd pieces that just fill space.

  9. Dennis Demro says:

    I want some 13 inch rims for my olde school car.

  10. Skaparty says:

    Bummer, I wanted to see what was up with that ae86

  11. Ryan II says:

    I just re-listened to refresh the unsprung mass & rotational inertia knowledge. Love the science behind this stuff.
    I always look at the caliper size in relation to rim size now.

  12. Kyle Varquez says:

    I have to state that next year you have to be in addition to your web sites, this one can this.

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