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Camilo Pardo

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz have special guest Camilo Pardo in the studio. Renowned Detroit artist Camilo Pardo also just happens to be the designer of the Ford GT. We take a look at Camilo’s Ford GT in the CarCast parking lot.

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For anything and more you want to know about Camilo? Check out his website at


Camilo Pardo’s Ford GT

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25 Responses to “Camilo Pardo”

  1. Picasso says:

    Hands down Camilo Pardo is one of the best living designers I can think of, I’d love to buy everything from him and Richard Sapper.

  2. clint says:

    nice pits sandy lol

    • CarCast says:

      At ACE Broadcasting we strive for accuracy and realism, we never alter the images we present. Unlike other major media outlets you can rely on ACE for the truth. That and since we are a Multi-Billion dollar media organization you might expect us to have working Air conditioning on the over 100 F Degree day, but you know how these production companies are AND it seems plad hides the sweat better then black…


  3. mnoswad1 says:

    Speaking of the Gulf livery….every time I watch the videos of front of your shop, I can’t help but be distracted by how faded the garage door paint is.

    Please give the orange stripe a new coat of paint !

  4. James says:

    Great CarCast guys!

    Camilo was a very intelligent and informative guest. Seemed to be a pretty cool guy as well.

    Learned quite a bit…lots of history and information in this episode.

    Appreciate your efforts guys. Awesome Ford.


  5. Ford Prefect says:

    The photo makes Camilo look like a Coolie with a giant Coolie hat.

    Ok, racist but funny gibberish aside, the GT 40 is great. Hat’s off. It should of had a more advanced engine, but that’s a bitch not a criticism.

    What does Camila (oops made the same mistake Adam Parker Bowles did) think of the R&T designs for future GT-40s?

  6. Ford Prefect says:

    Why would a man spend more on fake tits than a fake hood scoop? Then lose the car, the house and the fake hood scoop, to some pair of fake tits, which are as non-functional as the non-functional hood scoop? Telelogical.

  7. KrisS says:

    Concerning actor Richard Lynch, check him out in the incredibly strange and bizarre cult flick “God Told Me To.” Andy Kaufman also has a small but noticeable part in the picture.

  8. James R. says:

    I would like to see Camillo get his own recurring segment on The Car Show. I really like this guy. Good episode on Autoline After Hours, too.

  9. Mark Bench says:

    Having worked with Cyclones and Typhoons the natural state of them is broken….too much power for the quality fo parts the early 90s had to offer. and it was not the vortec 4.3 it was just a regular iron headed 4.3, you can do a vortec head swap onto them…but it is not easy or cheap.

  10. Sean H says:

    Oh by the way, The author of this web page most likely doesnt listen to your podcasts! At Least it has a nice photo!

    • nater says:

      Sean, I was about to post some cathartic shit fom 9/11. I then read that assholes blog. Curious how faggots can appreciate another mans attention to detail while being annoyed by something they have never seen or heard. Thanks for stopping me and reminding me why the terrorists might have a point. I LOVE a good fart joke.

  11. cool interview.

    checked Camilo art work & design on his web page, very impressive.

    Carcast fans should check out his exhibition at the Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel on the 17th.

    only a 18hr flight stops me from going!


  12. Brian K. says:

    Great episode, just perfect. Well except I could of used a few more revs when he fired it up. But I don’t fault you guys for that as Camilo was in control and shut it down quick. Sounded bad ass though. I’d love to get me one of those GT’s.

  13. May Kadoodee says:

    This Pod Cast is awesome… Thank You… I’m going to try and listen to all 7 today…

  14. Jack Duha says:

    Great show!

    I appreciate Camilo Pardo’s commitment to the legacy and future of the GT40.
    Thanks Adam, Sandy and Donny for showcasing the Ford GT as a “American Icon” of design.
    Stay productive!!


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