2011 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival


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2011 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and Matt D’Andria discuss vintage racing in Coronado. Although Adam was looking forward to racing his third year at this event, he had knee surgery the day before he was scheduled to qualify. Legendary racer John Morton stepped in to help warm up the car on Saturday, but Adam was determined to get behind the wheel at least once during the event. Find out what happens to Adam and his BRE Datsun 610 in this week’s CarCast.

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46 Responses to “2011 Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival”

  1. Jack Duha says:

    It’s all fixable.
    And if it makes “Speed News”, I hope they’re kind! : ))
    Keep it going Adam, you’re Awesome!


  2. Brian cavanaugh says:

    What happened?!

  3. christian says:

    At least it wasn’t the BRE Roadster.

  4. stnuntrnd says:

    Did the driver of the orange Porsche come by the paddock to commiserate with Adam?

  5. Charles says:

    Lets cut to the chase here. Steve Link threw a banana on the track! Swear to god! Also Les needs to buy a beard trimmer now so this crash came in handy!

  6. Chase says:

    Is Sandy Ganz still part of the show?

  7. mnoswad1 says:

    New co-host?

    WTF is happening over there?

  8. JnKross says:

    Where’s the professor?

  9. Aaron K. says:

    I’d like to know what happened to Sandy. I hope everything’s going OK with him and everything. It seems really weird that he would leave the show. Why didn’t Adam address it?!

  10. mnoswad1 says:

    Map of Coronado track would have been good.

    And…….whats the deal the couch cushion foam peeking out from he crashed hood?

    Did Adams knee survive the crash?

  11. Nathan says:

    That’ll buff out.

  12. Sky says:

    Nothing bondo can’t fix

  13. Hugh Gasol says:

    More importly what happened to John Sally on the Car Show?

  14. Jim says:

    “Les signed me up for the Coronado” sounds an awful lot like “My friends signed me up for a modelling contest”. Thanks for another great show Aceman! Good luck in NY. Hurry back.

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